10 Facts about Bar Mitzvah

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If you want to know the interesting ritual of Jewish coming of age, you have to check Facts about Bar Mitzvah. The word bar was taken from the Jewish Babylonian Aramaic word. It means son.  The word Mitzvah means law or commandment. Therefore, we can translate the word Bar Mitzvah as son of commandment. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bar Mitzvah below:

Facts about Bar Mitzvah 1: the Jewish law

The Jewish boys who are 13 years old will become bar mitzvah. It means that his action will be accountable based on the Jewish law.

Facts about Bar Mitzvah 2: before the bar mitzvah

The ones who have the responsibility for the actions of the children are the parents before the kids reach 13 years old. If they are 13 years, the parents do not have any responsibility again. Therefore, the kids take their own responsibility regarding to the ethics, traditions, and ritual laws of Jews.  The kids now have the rights to participate in all kinds of Jewish community.

Bar Mitzvah Chair

Bar Mitzvah Chair

Facts about Bar Mitzvah 3: the tradition

If you check the traditional bar mitzvah, the father of the kids will thank to god because he will not be punished again because of the sins of the child.

Facts about Bar Mitzvah 4: religious services

The religious services are needed to make sure that the actions of the kids will be accountable based on the Jewish perspective. Usually, the religious service or ritual is conducted in the community or family.

Bar Mitzvah Facts

Bar Mitzvah Facts

Facts about Bar Mitzvah 5: the ceremony

The common ceremony to hold bar mitzvah is on the first Shabbat.  It is after the boys reach their 13 and the girls reach their 12.

Facts about Bar Mitzvah 6: the festivity

During the bat mitzvah, the big festivity will be held. It is called as seudat mitzvah.  It will be celebrated with members of the community, family and friends.

Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah

Facts about Bar Mitzvah 7: types of celebration

The type of celebration of bar mitzvah depends on the person. Some people have a party or even a special event. Others decide to have a trip.

Facts about Bar Mitzvah 8: lavish affair

The Jews who have a lot of money take the bar mitzvah celebration to the next level. They have party in country clubs or even luxury hotels by inviting hundreds of people to enjoy the celebration. In the movie, keeping up with the Steins, this trend was mocked.

Bar Mitzvah Pic

Bar Mitzvah Pic

Facts about Bar Mitzvah 9: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach stated that in 1970s, the lavish bar mitzvah party was very common. Get facts about baptism here.

Facts about Bar Mitzvah 10: reading the torah

The bar mitzvah is marked by reading the torah. But some people prefer to read the Jewish history topic.

Facts about Bar Mitzvah

Facts about Bar Mitzvah

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