10 Facts about Barbara Hepworth

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Facts about Barbara Hepworth present the interesting information about the English sculptor and artist. She focused her work on modernism. Hepworth was born on 10 January 1903 in Wakefield, West Riding of Yorkshire as Dame Jocelyn Barbara Hepworth. She passed away on 20 May 1975. Due to her modern sculpture, people recognize her as the new English artist who gets the international acclaim. Here are some interesting facts about Hepworth for you:

Facts about Barbara Hepworth 1: the World War II

Hepworth was one of the leading figures during the World War II together with other artists such as Naum Gabo and Ben Nicholson. All of them formed a colony located in St. Ives.

Facts about Barbara Hepworth 2: parents

Hepworth was the eldest child in the family. Her father was a civil engineer named Herbert Hepworth. Her mother was Gertrude Hepworth.  In 1921, his father became a County Surveyor in West Riding County Council.

Barbara Hepworth Art

Barbara Hepworth Art

Facts about Barbara Hepworth 3: education

For her early education, Barbara went to Wakefield Girls’ High School. Then she went to Leeds School of Art in 1920 after she won a scholarship.

Facts about Barbara Hepworth 4: Henry Moore

Henry Moore was a fellow student that Barbara met when she was in the school of art. Both became friends and had professional rivalry.

Facts about Barbara Hepworth

Facts about Barbara Hepworth

Facts about Barbara Hepworth 5: another scholarship

Barbara Hepworth got another scholarship from Royal College of Art. She decided to enroll in the school in 1921. In 1924, she got the diploma from Royal College of Art. In 1924, she could travel to Florence, Italy due to his West Riding Travel Scholarship.

Facts about Barbara Hepworth 6: John Skeaping

John Skeaping was the first winner of the Prix-de-Rome, while Hepworth took the second place. On 13 May 1925, Skeaping and Hepworth married in Florence after both travelled together in Siena and Rome.

Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth

Facts about Barbara Hepworth 7: learning

Hepworth knew the way to carve marble in Italy. She studied under Giovanni Ardini, the master sculptor. In 1926, Skeaping and Hepworth went back to London and made exhibition in their flat. Get facts about Anselm Kiefer here.

Facts about Barbara Hepworth 8: the early work of Hepworth

If you check the early work of Hepworth, it depicted the abstraction and art movement.

Barbara Hepworth Facts

Barbara Hepworth Facts

Facts about Barbara Hepworth 9: Ben Nicholson

Ben Nicholson and Hepworth travelled together in 1933. They visited various artist studios such as Constantin Brâncusi, Pablo Picasso and Jean Arp. Find out facts about August Macke here.

Facts about Barbara Hepworth 10: marriage

On 17 November 1938, Ben Nicholson and Hepworth married at Hampsteal Register Office. In 1934, both had triplet named Rachel, Sarah and Simon. In 1951, the couple divorced.

Barbara Hepworth Artist

Barbara Hepworth Artist

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