10 Facts about Barbara Jordan

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Facts about Barbara Jordan inform you with the leader of the Civil Rights movement and American politician. She was born as Barbara Charline Jordan on 21 February 1936 and passed away on 17 January 1996. Jordan takes a lot of record in US. Do you know that she is the first American women who delivered the keynote address at Democratic National Convention? Moreover, she is also the first southern African American woman who was elected in House of Representative of US. One more thing that you should never forget, she is the first black female elected in Texas Senate after Reconstruction. Get more facts about Barbara Jordan below:

Facts about Barbara Jordan 1: death

When she passed away on 17 January 1996, she was the first African American woman who was buried at Texas State Cemetery.

Facts about Barbara Jordan 2: awards and honors

Due to her struggle and bravery, she collected numerous awards and honors. One of them is Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 1978 till 1980, she was a member of Peabody Awards Board of Jurors. Get facts about Barack Obama here.

Barbara Jordan Facts

Barbara Jordan Facts

Facts about Barbara Jordan 3: parents

Let me tell you the parents of Barbara Jordan.  Her father was Baptist Minister named Benjamin Jordan. Her mother was a domestic worker named Arlyne Jordan. Barbara was born in Houston, Texas.

Facts about Barbara Jordan 4: education

The young Jordan was educated at Roberson Elementary School. In 1952, she was appointed as an honor student and graduated from Phillis Wheatley High School. Then she selected politician science and history as her major when she attended Texas Southern University.

Facts about Barbara Jordan

Facts about Barbara Jordan

Facts about Barbara Jordan 5: a national champion debater

Jordan was famous a national champion debater. She tied against Harvard University and defeated Yale and Brown. In 1956, she graduated with magna cum laude. In 1959, she graduated from Boston University School of Law.

Facts about Barbara Jordan 6: the early career

After she graduated from the university, she became a teacher at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama for a year. She taught political science.

Barbara Jordan

Barbara Jordan

Facts about Barbara Jordan 7: the private law practice

Jordan could earn the private law practice after she passed the bar in 1960s.

Facts about Barbara Jordan 8: Texas House of Representatives

Jordan was interested to become Texas House of Representatives. However, she failed twice in 1962 and 1964. In 1966, she won a seat there. Find out facts about American civil rights here.

Barbara Jordan Pic

Barbara Jordan Pic

Facts about Barbara Jordan 9: retirement

In 1979, Jordan decided to retire from politics.  Then she became an adjunct professor University of Texas. She taught politics.

Facts about Barbara Jordan 10: cause of death

On 17 January 1996, she passed away at the age of 59 because of pneumonia complication.

Barbara Jordan Picture

Barbara Jordan Picture

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