10 Facts about Barbara Kingsolver

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Facts about Barbara Kingsolver discuss the works of the notable American poet, essayist and novelist. She was born on 8 April 1955 in Annapolis, Maryland. When she was a child, she grew up in the rural Kentucky. During her early childhood, she spent a brief time living in Congo.  He works are greatly influenced by personal life. Let me show you more interesting facts about Barbara Kingsolver here:

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver 1: the famous books

The famous book of Kingsolver includes the Animal, Vegetable, Miracle which talks about the attempt of her family to eat locally. It was a nonfiction book. You can also check the tale of a missionary family in the Congo in The Poisonwood Bible.

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver 2: the themes of her books

Some themes that you can find out in her books include the interaction of people with their environment and communities, biodiversity as well as social justice.

Barbara Kingsolver Author

Barbara Kingsolver Author

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver 3: New York Times Best Seller list

The popularity of Kingsolver’s books is very great.  Most of them are located in the list of New York Times Best Seller.

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver 4: education

Let’s talk about the education of Kingsolver.  She was the student of DePauw University and Arizona University. After she graduated, she was a freelance writer. Then she decided to write novels.

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver 5: awards

There are various kinds of awards that Kingsolver earned. Those include the National Humanities Medal. Dayton Literary Peace Prize’s Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award 2011 and UK’s Orange Prize for Fiction 2010. She also made to the list of Pulitzer Prize and PEN/Faulkner Award. Get facts about Barbara Smucker here.

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver 6: Bellwether Prize

Bellwether Prize was established by Kingsolver in 2000. The main purpose is to support literature for social change.

Barbara Kingsolver

Barbara Kingsolver

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver 7: traveling to Congo

Her father was a physician. She had to live for s short time in Congo when she was seven year old due to the job of her father. In Congo, the family had to live without running water or even electricity. Her parents worked in public health capacity.

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver 8: the work in 1980s

In 1980s, she began her work as a full time writer for the university.  She also had a cover story in Tucson Weekly.

Barbara Kingsolver Pic

Barbara Kingsolver Pic

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver 9: marriage

She married Joseph Hoffman in 1985. But she separated from Joseph in 1992. Both had a daughter who was born in 1987 named Camille. Then she married an ornithologist named Steven Hopp. They had a daughter born in 1996 named Lily. Find outanother author in facts about August Wilson.

Facts about Barbara Kingsolver 10: Rock Bottom Remainders

Rock Bottom Remainders was a rock band established by Kingsolver. The members included the published writers such as Dave Barry, Stephen King, Amy Tan, and Matt Groening.

Barbara Kingsolver Facts

Barbara Kingsolver Facts

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