10 Facts about Barbara Kruger

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Find out the information about the female conceptual artist in Facts about Barbara Kruger. If you check her work, you can find a lot of black and white photos. This artist was born on 26 January 1945 in Newark, New Jersey.  She was not from a rich class family.  Her parents were only lower middle class family. Let me show you more about Kruger in the following explanation:

Facts about Barbara Kruger 1: declarative captions

Check the works of Barbara Kruger in details. You will find declarative captions used as the overlaid on the photographs. It can be in Helvetica ultra condensed or even bold oblique.

Facts about Barbara Kruger 2: the phrases

What are the common phrases used in her works? You can find several pronouns used in her works such as they, we, I, your, or even you.  The pronoun has deep meaning for it can reflect the sexuality, identity, and power.

Barbara Kruger Artist

Barbara Kruger Artist

Facts about Barbara Kruger 3: place of living

Now Barbara Kruger can be seen living and working in Los Angeles and New York.

Facts about Barbara Kruger 4: parents

Talking about her parents, they were just from the lower middle class family. Her mother worked as a legal secretary, while his father was a chemical technician.

Facts about Barbara Kruger

Facts about Barbara Kruger

Facts about Barbara Kruger 5: education

Let’s find out the education of Barbara Kruger. Before she attended Syracuse University, she went to Weequahic High School. After she graduated from the university, she went to Parsons School of Design in New York to study art and design under the guidance of Marvin Israel and Diane Arbus. Find out facts about Antonin Artaud here.

Facts about Barbara Kruger 6: the initial job

Her initial job was from Conde Nast Publications where her main job was to create design. Then she worked at Mademoiselle as a designer. She worked at House and Garden, Aperture, and other publications for part time job as a picture editor.

Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger

Facts about Barbara Kruger 7: visual artist

During her career as a visual artist, Kruger created an art using the erotically objects that she sewed, crocheted and painted in bright colors. You can find these objects in Whiney Biennial after it was included by Marcia Tucker.

Facts about Barbara Kruger 8: a book

Kruger created an artist book published on the market in 1979 with the title Picture/Readings. The book talks about her works on architecture photos.

Barbara Kruger Pic

Barbara Kruger Pic

Facts about Barbara Kruger 9: the text calls

The text calls in her work focus on the ideas of individual autonomy, feminism, desire and consumerism. Get facts about Barbara Hepworth here.

Facts about Barbara Kruger 10: Women’s March on Washington

Women’s March on Washington was her poster in 1989. She made it to support the abortion.

Barbara Kruger Facts

Barbara Kruger Facts

Are you impressed after reading facts about Barbara Kruger?

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