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One of the famous children authors in the world is explained in Facts about Barbara Robinson. This woman was born on 24 October 1927 and passed away on 9 July 2013. Some of her famous books include The Best School Year Ever (1994) and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (1972). This American author impressed the children and parents with her magnificent works. Here are other facts about Barbara Robinson for you:

Facts about Barbara Robinson 1: the early life

Let’s find out the early life of Barbara Robinson.  Her father passed away when she was three years old. Her mother raised her in Portsmouth, Ohio where she worked as a schoolteacher for 49 years.

Facts about Barbara Robinson 2: siblings

Barbara had no siblings. She was raised by her mother alone. Find out facts about Anton Chekhov here.

Barbara Robinson Book

Barbara Robinson Book

Facts about Barbara Robinson 3: book interest

The interest of writing and reading books grew in the heart of Robinson when she was very young. She began to write in her early age.

Facts about Barbara Robinson 4: education

Let’s find out the educational background of Barbara Robinson. She studied at Allegheny College.  She was awarded by this college with an honorary doctorate of letters.

Facts about Barbara Robinson

Facts about Barbara Robinson

Facts about Barbara Robinson 5: short stories

Robinson did not only write books for children. You can also check her short stories in Ladies Home Journal, McCall’s, and Redbook. She also had various poetry collections.

Facts about Barbara Robinson 6: place of living

Even though she was raised in Ohio, she spent her life in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. It is the suburban area of Philadelphia. Find out facts about Barbara Smucker here.

Barbara Robinson Books

Barbara Robinson Books

Facts about Barbara Robinson 7: death

On 9 July 2013, Barbara Robinson passed away in her home in Berwyn because of cancer. She was 85 years old at that time.

Facts about Barbara Robinson 8: family

Her husband was John F. Robinson. Both were blessed with two daughters. Both were Carolyn and Marjorie. She also had three grandchildren named Tomas, Marcos and Lucas.

Barbara Robinson

Barbara Robinson

Facts about Barbara Robinson 9: the famous works

Some of her famous works include The Best Halloween Ever, The Best School Year Ever and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. The latter one was published with the global title The Worst Kids in the World. It was published by Harper in 1972. The book was illustrated by Judith Gwyn Brown. Get facts about Barbara Park here.

Facts about Barbara Robinson 10: other books

Other books of Barbara Robinson are The Fattest Bear in the First Grade, Across from Indian Shore, My Brother Louis Measures Worms and other Louis stories, Temporary Times, Temporary Places and Trace through the Forest.

Barbara Robinson Facts

Barbara Robinson Facts

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