10 Facts about Barbara Smucker

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Facts about Barbara Smucker present the interesting information about the famous librarian and fiction writer for children. This woman was born on September 1st, 1915 in Newton, Kansas. She was the only daughter in the family. There were three younger brothers that Smucker had. Those were Morris, Walter and Lander. Find out more interesting facts about Smucker below:

Facts about Barbara Smucker 1: parents

Let’s find out the parents of Smucker. Her father was a banker named Cornelius Claassen. While her mother was Addie Lander. When she was 12 years, she was baptized in Presbyterian Church in Newton, Kansas.

Facts about Barbara Smucker 2: marriage

Her husband was a college professor and minister named Donovan Smucker. Both married on January 21, 1939. Both were blessed with two sons named Timothy and Thomas and a daughter named Rebecca. Get facts about Avi the Author here.

Facts about Barbara Smucker

Facts about Barbara Smucker

Facts about Barbara Smucker 3: death

Smucker passed away on July 29, 2003. Do you know that she was a member of First Mennonite Church in Bluffton, Ohio before she died? You can find her burial place in Maple Grove Cemetery, Bluffton, Ohio. Get facts about Barbara Robinson here.

Facts about Barbara Smucker 4: education

Let’s find out the education of Smucker.  In1936, she got a BS from Kansas State University at Manhattan in the major journalism. Actually before she went to Kansas, she studied for a year at Bethel College in Kansas.

Barbara Smucker

Barbara Smucker

Facts about Barbara Smucker 5: the early job

In 1937 till 1938, she worked as teacher in Harper, Kansas. In 1939 till 1941, she worked at Evening Kansas Republican as a reporter when she decided to relocate to her homeland. One of her jobs as a reporter was to interview the celebrities who took Newton to reach California using Santa Fe Railroad en route.

Facts about Barbara Smucker 6: meeting her future husband

When Donovan Smucker became a director of Kansas Institute of International Relations at Bethel College, Barbara interviewed him.

Barbara Smucker Facts

Barbara Smucker Facts

Facts about Barbara Smucker 7: place of living

After she married Smucker, both lived in Wadsworth, Ohio. At that time, his husband was appointed as minister.

Facts about Barbara Smucker 8: the first book

The first book of Barbara was entitled Henry’s Red Sea.  In 1955, it was published by Herald Press.

Barbara Smucker Book

Barbara Smucker Book

Facts about Barbara Smucker 9: the popularity

Her books are very popular in the world. There is no need to wonder that they have been translated in different languages such as Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, French and German.

Facts about Barbara Smucker 10: awards and honors

The awards and honors that Barbara Smucker received are Brotherhood Award from National Conference of Christians and Jews, children’s literary award from Canada Council, Ruth Schwartz Children’s Book Award, and many more.

Barbara Smucker Pic

Barbara Smucker Pic

Are you impressed after reading facts about Barbara Smucker?

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