10 Facts about Barbara Walters

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Facts about Barbara Walters tell you about the American television personality, author, and broadcast journalist. This woman was born on 25 September 1929. Talking about her career, Walters was a contributor of ABC News, co-anchored the ABC Evening News and the host of Today and the View TV show. Here are other interesting facts about Barbara Walters for you:

Facts about Barbara Walters 1: TV personality

Walters get the fame as a TV personality when she became a segment producer and writer for the morning NBC News program The Today Show in women’s interest stories in 1962. At that time, she did it with the host Hugh Downs.

Facts about Barbara Walters 2: in a swimsuit

It was very surprising when Walters was modeled in a swimsuit. She did it to replace the model that did not come to the show. Find out facts about Barbara Jordan here.

Facts about  Barbara Walters

Facts about Barbara Walters

Facts about Barbara Walters 3: great skill

Walters has great interviewing skill. There is no need to wonder that she is very popular among the spectators at home. She could earn more air time after several women left the show.

Facts about Barbara Walters 4: the co-host

Even though Walters gave crucial contribution to the program, she was not selected as the replacement of Hugh Downs when he left it in 1971. Instead of hiring Walters, Frank McGee was selected as the host. The salary of McGee was twice bigger than her salary. She could earn the title co-host. She was the first woman who could get the title in any public affair and network news programs.

Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters

Facts about Barbara Walters 5: ABC newsmagazine 20/20

In ABC newsmagazine 20/20, she became the co-host and producer in 1979 to 2004. She appeared with Hugh Downs again.

Facts about Barbara Walters 6: ABC News

In ABC News, she worked as a reporter, anchor, and correspondent in 1976 until 2010. She also became a co-host in The View that she created in 1997.

 Barbara Walters Picture

Barbara Walters Picture

Facts about Barbara Walters 7: retirement

Walters decided to retire on 16 May 2004 from the ABC News. She also did not show up again as the co-host of The View even though she still serves as the executive producer.

Facts about Barbara Walters 8: “50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time”

Her name was included in “50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time” by TV Guide in 1996. She took the 34th place.

Barbara Walters Pic

Barbara Walters Pic

Facts about Barbara Walters 9: the early life

Walters was born in Boston in 1929.  She was Jewish to Louis and Dena Walters.

Facts about Barbara Walters 10: personal life

Do you know that Walters married four times? Robert Henry Katz was her first husband. Lee Guber was her second husband. Adelson was the third husband who married her in 1981. In 1984, both divorced. In 1986, both remarried again. In 1992, both divorced again.

Barbara Walters Facts

Barbara Walters Facts

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