10 Facts about Barbed Wire

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Facts about Barbed Wire present the interesting information about the type of steel fencing wire. It is called in various names. You can also call it bob wire or even barb wire.  The construction of the wire is very unique. You can find the sharp points or edges along the strands. They are arranged in different intervals. Find out more interesting facts about barbed wire below:

Facts about Barbed Wire 1: the usage of barbed wire

The usage of barbed wire can be seen in the fortification and building. It will be located on the top of the wall to make the surrounding area of the fences secured and protected.  The popularity of barbed wire is high due to the inexpensive construction.

Facts about Barbed Wire 2: the person and animals

The animals and persons who try to pass through the barbed wire will suffer injuries or even discomfort due to the sharp points.

Barbed Wire Picture

Barbed Wire Picture

Facts about Barbed Wire 3: the construction

Talking about the construction, it is very simple and cheap.   You just have to prepare wire, fence post and fixing devices. Even the unskilled person can install the barbed wire easily.

Facts about Barbed Wire 4: the first patent

In 1867, Lucien B. Smith got the first patent for the barbed wire in United States. This man was credited as the inventor of barbed wire. He came from Kent, Ohio. Find out facts about atomic bombs here.

Barbed Wire Pic

Barbed Wire Pic

Facts about Barbed Wire 5: the modification

In 1874, the patent of modern invention of barbed wire was received by Joseph F. Glidden who came from DeKalb, Illinois. He was awarded with a patent after he applied some modifications on the preceded barbed wire designs.

Facts about Barbed Wire 6: the cattle

The cattle can be kept inside the farm when the people install the barbed wire around. Therefore, barbed wire is called as the first technology which had the capability to restrain the cattle. Find out a military man in Audie Murphy facts here.

Barbed Wire Facts

Barbed Wire Facts

Facts about Barbed Wire 7: the cheaper construction

Barbed wire is a good option for those who do not want to spend a lot of money. It is a cheaper alternative.

Facts about Barbed Wire 8: Osage orange

The barbed wire fence posts are created from wood. One of the main suppliers was Osage orange. In the end of 19th century, the wire fences were very easy to get in US. Therefore, the cost of barbed wire is cheaper.

Facts about Barbed Wire

Facts about Barbed Wire

Facts about Barbed Wire 9: The “Big Four”

Joseph Glidden, Jacob Haish, Charles Francis Washburn, and Isaac L. Ellwood are considered as the Big Four of barbed wire.

Facts about Barbed Wire 10: Glidden

The credit of the person who created the successful sturdy barbed wire was taken by Glidden. He was only a farmer.

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

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