10 Facts about Barbie Dolls

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Facts about Barbie Dolls present the information about one of the famous dolls in the world. Mattel, Inc is the American company which manufactures this fashion doll.  In March 1959, the doll was launched in the market. The credit of the Barbie doll inventor is taken by Ruth Handler. The inspiration of Barbie doll that she made was from the Bild Lili doll. It was a German doll. Find out more interesting facts about Barbie Dolls below:

Facts about Barbie Dolls 1: who is Barbie?

If you check the products manufactured by Mattel, Barbie is considered as the figurehead of this company. Actually Mattel also sells accessories and other collectibles dolls.

Facts about Barbie Dolls 2: fame

The popularity or Barbie doll is very high in the world. For more than 50 years, it has been on the market. It is also subject to controversies regarding to her lifestyle and parody. You can also find out various lawsuits of Barbie.

Barbie Doll Beauty

Barbie Doll Beauty

Facts about Barbie Dolls 3: Barbara

The inspiration to create Barbie doll occurred when Ruth Handler seeing Barbara, her daughter playing with her paper dolls. However, she often gave them adult roles.

Facts about Barbie Dolls 4: the toy dolls

The toy dolls at that time were only in the form of an infant. Therefore, Ruth gave an idea to create an adult bodied doll to the co-founder of Mattel Toy Company, Elliot. He was Ruth’s husband. However, her husband as well as directors of Mattel was not interested with Ruth’s idea. Get facts about avatar here.

Facts about Barbie Dolls

Facts about Barbie Dolls

Facts about Barbie Dolls 5:Bild Lili

Bild Lili was the adult figured doll that Ruth found out during her trip in Europe along with her children, Barbara and Kenneth in 1956. She decided to buy three Bild Lili Dolls. Find out facts about Anabelle here.

Facts about Barbie Dolls 6:the doll design

Ruth worked on the design of Barbie doll when she returned to US. She got a help from Jack Ryan, the engineer. The doll that she made was named Barbie. It was taken from the name of her daughter Barbara.

Barbie Dolls Facts

Barbie Dolls Facts

Facts about Barbie Dolls 7: the debut

On 9 March 1959, the Barbie doll was introduced at American International Toy Fair in New York.  This debut date is also used as the official birthday of Barbie.

Facts about Barbie Dolls 8: production of Bild Lili

The production of Bild Lili doll was stopped after Mattel got the rights of this doll in 1964.

Barbie Doll Pic

Barbie Doll Pic

Facts about Barbie Dolls 9: the first Barbie doll

The first Barbie doll has either brunette or golden hair. The doll was dressed in a zebra stripped swimsuit. The hair was in the topknot ponytail.

Facts about Barbie Dolls 10: Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte Johnson was the Mattel fashion designer who created the clothes of Barbie doll.

Barbie Dolls Cute

Barbie Dolls Cute

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