10 Facts about Barbiturates

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If you are interested to know the drugs which can be used to generate the spectrum of effects, you have to look at Facts about Barbiturates.  The drugs will act as central nervous system depressants. The effects have the range between the mild sedation to the total anesthesia. Barbiturates also present the analgesic effect. However, the doctors will not use it if other analgesics are absent. It is due to the fact that Barbiturates have weak analgesic effect. Find out more interesting facts about barbiturates below:

Facts about Barbiturates 1: the addiction potential

Due to the risk of having addiction, the drugs are not used anymore in the medical practice. The usage of Barbiturates can make the patients psychologically and physically addicted to the drug.

Facts about Barbiturates 2: the replacement

To avoid any addiction of the patients, the doctors replace barbiturates with benzodiazepines.  The doctors believe that benzodiazepines are less dangerous.  The drugs can be used to treat insomnia and anxiety.

Facts about Barbiturates

Facts about Barbiturates

Facts about Barbiturates 3: the general usage of Barbiturates

Even though Barbiturates are not generally used in medical practice, it can be seen in the general anesthesia. It can be used to treat cluster headaches, treatment for acute migraine and epilepsy.

Facts about Barbiturates 4: headaches

To treat the cluster headaches, the doctor will give the patients barbiturates with the compound drugs of fioricet and fiorinol. But the doctors will have to monitor the patients to avoid any abuse and addiction on Barbiturates.



Facts about Barbiturates 5: other usage

Barbiturates can be used to assist euthanasia or even suicide if this act is legal in the country.

Facts about Barbiturates 6: Adolf von Baeyer

Adolf von Baeyer was the German chemist who first synthesized barbituric acid on 27 November 1864. He did the experiment by condensing the urea from an animal waste product and diethyl malonate. He got it from the acid apple. Find out antibiotic facts here.

Barbiturates Pic

Barbiturates Pic

Facts about Barbiturates 7: Emil Fischer and Joseph von Mering

Emil Fischer and Joseph von Mering were the German scientists who found out the medical value of Barbiturates in 1903. They believed that the substance was very effective to make the dogs sleep well.

Facts about Barbiturates 8: marketing

Veronal was the trade name of Barbital that Baeyer used to sell his product. The trade name was taken from the Italian City of Verona. It was proposed by Mering.

Barbiturates Facts

Barbiturates Facts

Facts about Barbiturates 9: the addiction

The people began to realize the addiction of barbiturates in 1950s after some people found out the physical dependence and behavioral disturbance. Get facts about aspirin here.

Facts about Barbiturates 10: abuse

Some people illegally use barbiturates for the recreational purpose.   The feeling of euphoria and relax is experienced by the people who abused barbiturates.

Barbiturates Drugs

Barbiturates Drugs

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