10 Facts about Barcelona

Friday, May 15th 2015. | Cities

Let me show you the interesting Facts about Barcelona in the below post. The capital city of Catalonia in Spain is Barcelona. It is considered as the second most populous city in the country. Do you know that Barcelona is inhabited by around 1.6 million people? There are around 4.7 million people who live beyond the administrative city limits. There is no need to wonder that it takes the sixth place of the most populous urban area in European Union. Here are some interesting facts about Barcelona for you:

Facts about Barcelona 1: the establishment of the Barcelona

Barcelona was established in the middle ages as a Roman city. It was appointed as the capital of Barcelona County. It became an important city in the Crown of Aragon after the county merged with Kingdom of Aragon.

Facts about Barcelona 2: the famous city

Today, Barcelona is very famous in the world. It is rich of culture and history. The architecture is also interesting. Thus, it is included as one of the major attractions in the Spain.

Facts about Barcelona

Facts about Barcelona

Facts about Barcelona 3: UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Some of the interesting places in Barcelona are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can check the interesting works of Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner.

Facts about Barcelona 4: 1992 Summer Olympics

The famous sport event celebrated in Barcelona was 1992 Summer Olympics. It also holds many other interesting international sport tournaments.

Barcelona Sport

Barcelona Sport

Facts about Barcelona 5: a city center

Barcelona is famous in the world as a center of culture, trade, economy and tourism. It is one of the major international cities in the world which influences the global media, science, art, fashion, education, commerce and entertainment.

Facts about Barcelona 6: the economic center

In the world’s rank, Barcelona takes the 24th place as the economic and financial center.  It was in the fourth place of the economically powerful city based on its GDP in 2008.

Barcelona Pic

Barcelona Pic

Facts about Barcelona 7: the GDP in 2012

Can you guess the GDP of Barcelona in 2012? It produced around $170 billion. Find out another city in Baldock facts.

Facts about Barcelona 8: Barcelona–El Prat Airport

Barcelona–El Prat Airport is the international airport of Barcelona. Every year, the airport handles around 35 million passengers.

Barcelona Image

Barcelona Image

Facts about Barcelona 9: the medieval building

If you are interested to know the medieval building in Barcelona, you can go to Barri Gòtic. It is considered as the center of the old city in Barcelona.

Facts about Barcelona 10: Sagrada Família

Sagrada Família is the most popular building to visit in the city. It is designed by Antoni Gaudi. Get facts about Antoni Gaudi here.

Barcelona Facts

Barcelona Facts

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