10 Facts about Barclays

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Let me show you about the British multinational banking and financial services in Facts about Barclays. It is one of the biggest companies in London. The base of Barclays is also located in London. There are many products offered by Barclays to the customers such as the wholesale, retail and investment banking. You can also choose credit cards, mortgage lending and wealth management. Find out more interesting facts about Barclays below:

Facts about Barclays 1: the operation

Barclays has reached around 48 million customers in the world. You can find this bank not only in United Kingdom, but also in more than 50 countries in the world.

Facts about Barclays 2: the asset

Can you guess the asset that Barclays has?  The total asset was US$2.42 trillion as of December 31st, 2011. Therefore, it took the seventh place of the largest bank in the world.

Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank

Facts about Barclays 3: the business clusters

There are three business clusters that Barclays has. Those are the Retail and Business Banking, Corporate and Investment Banking, and Wealth and Investment Management.

Facts about Barclays 4: the units in Retail and Business Banking cluster

There are four business units in Retail and Business Banking cluster. Those are UK Retail and Business Banking, Africa Retail and Business Banking, Europe Retail and Business Banking and Barclaycard. The later one includes the loan provision and credit card.

Facts about Barclays

Facts about Barclays

Facts about Barclays 5: the units in other clusters

There are three units in Corporate and Investment Banking, Wealth and Investment Management. They are the Wealth and investment management, Investment banking and Corporate Banking. Get facts about Bank of America here.

Facts about Barclays 6: the origin of Barclays

In 1690s, Barclays was established in London. At first, it was only a goldsmith banking business. In 1736, James Barclay was the partner of this banking business.

Barclays Pic

Barclays Pic

Facts about Barclays 7: Barclays and Co.

Barclays and Co. was established after several banks located in English provinces and London joined this bank in 1896. The joined banks include Gurney’s Bank and Backhouse’s Bank. In the later years, this bank evolved into a nationwide bank.

Facts about Barclays 8: the first cash dispenser

The first cash dispenser in the world was deployed by Barclays in 1967.

Barclays Logo

Barclays Logo

Facts about Barclays 9: acquisition

To enlarge Barclays, there were several acquisitions conducted. In 1918, London, Provincial and South Western Bank were acquired. In 1975, 2000, and 2008, it acquired Merchantile Credit, Woolwich and North American operations of Lehman Brothers respectively. Find out another company in Atari facts.

Facts about Barclays 10: London Stock Exchange

In London Stock Exchange, Barclays is listed in the 22nd largest company.

Barclays Facts

Barclays Facts

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