10 Facts about Barium

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The chemical element with the symbol Ba is explained in Facts about Barium. It has the atomic number of 56. You can find this soft silvery metallic alkaline earth metal in Group 2 in the fifth element. You will never find barium as a free element because of the high chemical reactivity. Here are some interesting facts about barium for you:

Facts about Barium 1: the name

People used the word baryta to call the hydroxide of barium during the pre-modern history. You can find out barium by heating the barium carbonate. It is not found as a mineral.

Facts about Barium 2: the common minerals

The common minerals which contain barium include witherite such as barium carbonate and barite such BaSO4. Both are insoluble in the water.

baryte stone

baryte stone

Facts about Barium 3: the name barium

The name barium was taken from the word baryta. It was derived from the greek word barys. The meaning is heavy.

Facts about Barium 4: identification

In 1774, barium is called as a new element. In 1808, it was called as a metal after the electrolytic isolation techniques were invented. Find out facts about aspartame here.

Facts about Barium

Facts about Barium

Facts about Barium 5: the industrial applications

The industrial application of barium is very limited. It was mostly used in vacuum tubes. It is also used the present green color in the firework. You can find it in cast iron and steel. It is used to decrease carbon grain size.

Facts about Barium 6: Barium sulfate

Barium sulfate is also important in the industry. The human gastrointestinal track can be made into an image easily if the pure form of barium is used as X-ray radiocontrast agent.

Barium Picture

Barium Picture

Facts about Barium 7: poisonous effect

Barium can be poisonous if you have the soluble barium compounds. Therefore, this compound is used to create rodenticides. It can release the soluble barium ion. Therefore, you have to be careful when handling this element. Get facts about asbestos here.

Facts about Barium 8: the usage of barium metal

Barium can be mixed with aluminum to create an alloy. The industry often uses it to eliminate the gettering or unwanted gases from the TV pictures tubes and other vacuum tubes.

Barium Facts

Barium Facts

Facts about Barium 9: the melting point and boiling point

Barium has the boiling point is 1413.15 °K/1140.0 °C. The melting point is 998.15 °K/ 725.0 °C. It has the atomic mass at 137.327 amu.

Facts about Barium 10: number of neutrons, electrons, and protons

The number of neutrons in Barium is 81. It has the number of electrons and protons at 56.

Barium Pic

Barium Pic

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