10 Facts about Barn Owls

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If you want to know the animal which has the scientific name of Tyto alba, you have to read Facts about Barn Owls. This owl is considered as the widespread one in the world. Many people also call the common owl as barn owl. You can find this animal in various places in the world. But you will not find it in the desert and Polar Regions. They can be widely seen in some pacific islands, Indonesia and the Himalayas. Here are some interesting facts about barn owls:

Facts about Barn Owls 1: the major lineages

The barn owls have three major lineages. You can find each of them in New World, Australasia and Eurasia and Africa.

Facts about Barn Owls 2: the average size

The wingspan of barn owls is around 31 to 37 inches or 80 to 95 cm. The length of barn owls is around 13 to 15 inches or 33 to 39 cm.

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Facts about Barn Owls 3: the color

Let’s find out the color of barn owls. You can find white or brown color for the underparts of barn owls. The mottled shade of brown or grey can be seen on the back and plumage of head.

Facts about Barn Owls 4: the face

Most species of barn owls have white face color. It usually comes in heart shape.

Facts about Barn Owls

Facts about Barn Owls

Facts about Barn Owls 5: nocturnal animals

The barn owls are included as nocturnal animals. You can find them living in some pacific islands and Britain. They will hunt for food when the dark comes. Find out facts about Aves here.

Facts about Barn Owls 6: hunting the animals

The main skill of hunting of barn owls can be seen when they catch the animals on the grounds. They eat the small mammals.

Barn Owls Facts

Barn Owls Facts

Facts about Barn Owls 7: mating

The breeding time for barn owls depend on the locality. It can occur throughout the year. The couple for the mating season will last for life.

Facts about Barn Owls 8: the incubation process

The incubation process of the egg will be conducted by the female barn owls. The male has the responsibility to hunt food.

Barn Owls

Barn Owls

Facts about Barn Owls 9: predators

The predators of barn owls include American opossums, large owls, larger hawks, eagles, northern goshawk, buzzard and raccoon. Get facts about bald eagles here.

Facts about Barn Owls 10: parasites

There are some parasites who like to live on the barn owls as their host. You can find feather mites, feather lice or even fleas.

Barn Owls Cute

Barn Owls Cute

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