10 Facts about Barnacles

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Facts about Barnacles talk about the animals which have close relation with lobsters and crabs. It is included in the subphylum Crustacea and infraclass Cirripedia. This type of arthropod can be found living in the tidal and shallow waters. They are marine animals. The species of barnacles are around 1,220. Let’s find out more interesting facts about barnacles below:

Facts about Barnacles 1: encrusters

Do you know that barnacles are the encruster animals?  In order to live, they will attach the body on a hard substrate permanently. Get facts about arthropods here.

Facts about Barnacles 2: the common type of barnacles

The goose barnacles and other members in the order Pedunculata live by using a stalk to attach the body on the hard substrate. On the other hand, acorn barnacles use the growing shells to attach the body.

Barnacle Pic

Barnacle Pic

Facts about Barnacles 3: the free living barnacles

Let’s find out the way of living of the free living barnacles. They can be seen fixed upside down using the forehead because they are attached using the cement glands on the substratum. Find out facts about Asian Carp here.

Facts about Barnacles 4: the heart

If you think that barnacles have heart, you are wrong. This animal does not have any true heart.  The part of body which can perform the similar function of a heart is a sinus. It is located near esophagus. The series of muscles will pump the blood through the sinus.



Facts about Barnacles 5: oxygen absorption

Barnacles do not have any gills. The oxygen in the water can be absorbed using the inner membrane located at the carapaces and limbs. The maxillary glands are considered as the excretory organs of barnacles.

Facts about Barnacles 6: the adult barnacles

You can find one eye on the adult barnacles. Therefore, the animals can only sense the dark and light.



Facts about Barnacles 7: the larval stages

There are two larval stages of barnacles in the life cycle. Both are the nauplius and the cyprid. After experiencing the larval stages, they will develop into a mature adult.

Facts about Barnacles 8: hermaphroditic

There are only few species of barnacles included as gonochoric or androdioecious animals. Most of them are hermaphroditic animals. The testes are situated at the back of the shadow while the ovaries are in the stalk or base.

Barnacles Facts

Barnacles Facts

Facts about Barnacles 9: spermcasting

One way to do the reproduction of a barnacle is by spermcasting. The male will release sperms into the water and the female will pick and fertilize it into the eggs.

Facts about Barnacles 10: the shallow water

You can find barnacles living in the shallow water. The depth is less than 300 feet or 100 meters.

Facts about Barnacles

Facts about Barnacles

Are you impressed reading facts about barnacles?

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