10 Facts about Barnardo’s Charity

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If you want to know the British charity organization, check Facts about Barnardo’s Charity. The founder of this charity was Thomas John Barnardo. The main purpose is to care the vulnerable kids and young people. It was established in 1866. Barnardo’s Charity spent £191 as of 2013.  Based on the charitable expenditure, Barnardo’s Charity is appointed as the largest children charity in United Kingdom. Here are some interesting facts about Barnardo’s Charity:

Facts about Barnardo’s Charity 1: the base of Barnardo’s Charity

Can you guess the base of Barnardo’s Charity? It is located in Barkingside of London Borough in Redbridge.

Facts about Barnardo’s Charity 2: who is the founder?

As I have stated before, Thomas Barnardo was the founder of the charitable organization. He began to care the children by opening a school located in East End of London.  The main aim was to care the orphaned children. This man was born in Dame Street, Dublin.

Barnardo's Charity Campaign

Barnardo’s Charity Campaign

Facts about Barnardo’s Charity 3: Jim Jarvis

Jim Jarvis was a little street child who followed his class in the opened school of Thomas. He heard about the school from other child. The little boy asked for a help from Thomas and led him to a rooftop used by hundreds of boy to hide. The location of the rooftop was on the Whitechapel. Find out another organization in facts about ASPCA.

Facts about Barnardo’s Charity 4: the boy’s orphanage

He established a boy’s orphanage in 1870 at 18 Stepney Causeway. Then he also opened a girl’s home in the later year.

Barnardo's Charity Facts

Barnardo’s Charity Facts

Facts about Barnardo’s Charity 5: the death of Thomas Barnardo

In 1905, Thomas Barnardo passed away. By the time of his death, his organization was established in 96 different locations and had cared for more than 8,500 kids.

Facts about Barnardo’s Charity 6: Dr Barnardo’s Homes

Dr Barnardo’s Homes was the name of the supporters who carried the works of Thomas Barnardo. Find out facts about Ice Bucket Challenge here.

Barnardo's Charity Pic

Barnardo’s Charity Pic

Facts about Barnardo’s Charity 7: Dr Barnardo’s

The name of the organization was changed into Dr Barnardo’s in the mid 20th century.  The focus of the charity was changed into a direct care by helping the children for adoption and fostering.

Facts about Barnardo’s Charity 8: the official mascot

Barney is the official mascot of Barnardo. It is a bear.

Barnardo's Charity Store

Barnardo’s Charity Store

Facts about Barnardo’s Charity 9: the current important figures

Javed Khan is the current chief executive of Barnardo’s Charity. The current patron of this charity is H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

Facts about Barnardo’s Charity 10: controversy

Barnardo charity has to face controversy of regarding the kidnapping of children. Another controversy is regarding to the neglected hygiene of children.

Facts about  Barnardo's Charity

Facts about Barnardo’s Charity

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