10 Facts about Baroque Art

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If you are interested to know the ornate and decorative art, get Facts about Baroque Art. The baroque art comes in various forms. You can see it in the form of sculptures, paintings, music and architecture. This style is very popular in Europe. It was originated from Italy and spread to other parts of Europe in 1600s. Find out more interesting facts about baroque art below:

Facts about Baroque Art 1: the start of baroque art

The Catholic Church started the baroque art.   They wanted to decorate the church with dramatic and emotional religious painting. It should be in full of movement. Therefore, the style was widely accepted and spread around the Europe.

Facts about Baroque Art 2: the painting

Some of the common paintings which depicted the baroque art included the crowds covered in fear, angel flew, and saint rose to heaven or even the depiction of the fighting people.

Facts about Baroque Art

Facts about Baroque Art

Facts about Baroque Art 3: the rich materials

The rich materials will be used to create the baroque sculptures. You can find them created from gold, bronze, and colorful marble.

Facts about Baroque Art 4: the example of baroque art

If you are interested to know the real painting of baroque art, you can go to the Church of Saint Ignatius. Look at the ceiling and you will see the beautiful fresco painting. Saint Ignatius is depicted at the center of the heaven, while other saint figures are floating up to the heaven. This painting is very impressive for it gives the illusion of the ceiling rising to the top of the sky. Get facts about art here.

Baroque Art

Baroque Art

Facts about Baroque Art 5: Las Meninas

Another example of baroque art is seen on Las Meninas. In English, it means The Maids of Honor. The painting was the portrait of Princess Margarita from Spain. You can find dramatic effect in the painting.

Facts about Baroque Art 6: the depiction of Las Meninas

In Las Meninas, you can find the depiction of the young princess awaited by the maids.  In the mirror posing, you can find the king and queen. You can also see a staff want to go upstairs. The painter of this work of art is Diego Velazquez. Check art deco facts here.

Baroque Art Pic

Baroque Art Pic

Facts about Baroque Art 7: Mannerism

Mannerism is used to call the period between the Renaissance and Baroque era. If you want to call the late era of Baroque period, you can call it is Rococo period.

Facts about Baroque Art 8: Caravaggio

One of the most prominent baroque artists is Caravaggio. He was famous with The Calling of St. Matthews. He came from Italy.

Baroque Art Facts

Baroque Art Facts

Facts about Baroque Art 9: Gianlorenzo Bernini

If you want to know the notable sculptor of baroque movement, you have to look at the work of Gianlorenzo Bernini.

Facts about Baroque Art 10: other important artists

The important baroque artists also include Annibale Carracci, Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt, Andrea Pozzo, Nicolas Poussin, Diego Velasquez and many more.

Baroque Facts

Baroque Facts

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