10 Facts about Baroque Period

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Facts about Baroque Period talk about the period of artistic style used to show the ornate and decorative movement. The music, theater, dance, literature, architecture, painting and sculpture are filled with a lot of drama, exuberance, grandeur and tension. Before the artistic style spread around Europe, it started in Rome, Italy in 1600s. Let’s find out more interesting facts about baroque period below:

Facts about Baroque Period 1: the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church encouraged the development of baroque style. They believed that the art should present the emotional and direct involvement. Therefore, the art should be ornate and dramatic.

Facts about Baroque Period 2: the presence of baroque art

Baroque art was widely accepted by the people. The aristocracy also viewed it as an important part of the building which presented the high status, class, power, control and triumph. There is no need to wonder that it was seen in the reception rooms, grand staircases, courts and palaces.

Baroque Period and Interior

Baroque Period and Interior

Facts about Baroque Period 3: phases of baroque period

The baroque period is divided in three phases. Those are the early baroque, high baroque and late baroque.

Facts about Baroque Period 4: the late baroque

The late baroque occurred in 1660 till 1725. It is often called as rococo movement. The high baroque happened in 1625 till 1660.  The early baroque took place in 1590 to 1625. Get facts about art nouveau here.

Facts about Baroque Period

Facts about Baroque Period

Facts about Baroque Period 5: the start of baroque movement

In 1600, the baroque art movement started after the Council of Trent decided to use the sculptures and paintings in the Catholic Church to address the presentational art.

Facts about Baroque Period 6: the famous artists

You can find the innovation of the baroque arts in the work of Agostino and Annibale Carracci and Caravaggio in 1600s in Rome.

Baroque Period Facts

Baroque Period Facts

Facts about Baroque Period 7: the characteristics of the painting

The painting in baroque period was characterized with theatrical, simple, dramatic, and obvious form. Find out facts about baroque art here.

Facts about Baroque Period 8: Baroque music

The baroque period also encouraged the presence of baroque music. The music was stronger with contrasting harmony and phase length.

Baroque Period

Baroque Period

Facts about Baroque Period 9: the architecture

If you are interested to know the architecture of baroque period, you can check it in Neapolitan palace of Caserta, St. Nicholas Church in Lesser Town in Prague, and Saint Ignatius Church.

Facts about Baroque Period 10: baroque sculpture

Another form of art in baroque period is seen on the sculpture. It is made of high quality and rich materials such as gold, marble, and bronze.

Baroque Period and Painting

Baroque Period and Painting

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