10 Facts about Barracudas

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Find out the interesting information about the ray finned fish in Facts about Barracudas. Barracuda has fearsome appearance. The fish is totally big. It has smooth scale with long body.  In some spices, the width of the body can reach 12 inches or 30 cm. The length can reach 6.9 feet or 2.1 meter. This fish is included the family of Sphyraenidae and genus Sphyraena. Let’s find out more interesting facts about barracuda below:

Facts about Barracudas 1: the saltwater fish

Barracuda is included as a saltwater fish. You can find them living in Caribbean Sea, Red Sea, and Atlantic Ocean. They are in subtropical and tropical oceans.

Facts about Barracudas 2: the habitat

If you are interested to know the appearance of barracuda, you can spot them near the sea grasses or even coral reefs. They live on the shallow top of the water. Get facts about baleen whales here.

Facts about Barracudas

Facts about Barracudas

Facts about Barracudas 3: the body appearance

Let’s decide the body appearance of barracuda. It has fang like teeth. The teeth are super sharp and remind you with the teeth of piranha. The body appearance of barracuda reminds you with the snake. The head is pointed and large.

Facts about Barracudas 4: the gill

You can find small scales on the barracuda’s gill. You will not find any spines. The anterior fin has five spines. Actually barracuda has two separated dorsal spines. Find out facts about Asian Carp here.

Barracuda Teeth

Barracuda Teeth

Facts about Barracudas 5: the upper body color

The upper body color of barracuda comes in various colors depending on the species. You can find it in white, dark green, grey or dark blue. The belly can come in white or silver color. You can also find some species of barracuda with dark cross bars or even black spots. The dusky or yellowish color can be seen on the fins.

Facts about Barracudas 6: the great barracuda

As I have stated before, most barracudas live in the salt water or oceans. But you can find some species live in the brackish water. One of them is the great barracuda.



Facts about Barracudas 7: the large barracuda

The species of barracudas which have a very large body are the great barracuda and European barracuda. The latter one can be found in Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. The European barracuda can be seen in the Atlantic coast.

Facts about Barracudas 8: the opportunistic predators

Barracuda is included as an opportunistic predator.  The speed of barracuda can reach 43 km per hour or 28 mph when the fish wants to catch the prey.



Facts about Barracudas 9: the main diet

The main diet of barracuda is fish such as snappers, mullets, herrings, groupers, jacks, and grunts.

Facts about Barracudas 10: interaction

You have to be careful with barracuda for some swimmers have been reported bitten by barracuda.

Barracuda Pic

Barracuda Pic

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