10 Facts about Barrier Reef

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Facts about Barrier Reef tell you about the largest coral system in the world. The location of this coral reef is on the coast of Queensland, Australia. It has 900 islands spanning on 1,400 miles of the sea. Moreover, the barrier reef contains more than 2,900 individual reefs. Let’s find out more interesting facts about barrier reef by reading the following post below:

Facts about Barrier Reef 1: the record

The Great Barrier Reef takes the record as the biggest single structure made of living organism in the world.  Actually this structure can be seen from the outer space too. You can find out tiny of organism living in the reef structure.

Facts about Barrier Reef 2: World Heritage Site

In 1981, the Great Barrier Reef was included in the World Heritage Site. It is also considered as the most famous icon in Queensland.  One of the natural several wonders in the world was the Great Barrier Reef.

Barrier Reef Facts

Barrier Reef Facts

Facts about Barrier Reef 3: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park has the main job to protect the barrier reef from damages. It is due to the fact that people like to do fishing, swimming or even snorkeling here. Get facts about Australian animals here.

Facts about Barrier Reef 4: the risk

The risk of having the coral reef being damaged is not only caused by fishing and tourism. It can be caused by the pollution, climate change, runoff, mass coral bleaching and many more.

Facts about Barrier Reef

Facts about Barrier Reef

Facts about Barrier Reef 5: the reduction of coral

Since 1985, more than a half of the coral located in the barrier reef have been lost. That’s the report from the National Academy of Sciences published in October 2012.

Facts about Barrier Reef 6: the history

Based on the history, the Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal Australian people consider the Great Barrier Reef as a part of their spirituality and cultures. Get facts about Ausutralia here.

Barrier Reef Pic

Barrier Reef Pic

Facts about Barrier Reef 7: tourism

Tourism in Great Barrier Reef is very promising. The most popular destinations include the Cairns regions and Whitsunday Islands. Australia can get 3 billion dollar every year from the tourism in Great Barrier Reef.

Facts about Barrier Reef 8: Google Underwater Street View

Google Underwater Street View was launched by Google in November 2014.  It will assist you to enjoy Great Barrier Reef in 3D viewing.

Barrier Reef Australia

Barrier Reef Australia

Facts about Barrier Reef 9: other primary threat

Other primary threats for the living organism in Great Barrier Reef also include the tropical cyclones, oil spill, shipping accident, and crown of thorn starfish.

Facts about Barrier Reef 10: the climate change

The ocean warming is caused by the climate change. This condition enhances the risk of coral bleaching.

Barrier Reef Beauty

Barrier Reef Beauty

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