10 Facts about Barry Bonds

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Find out the interesting information about the former American professional baseball left fielder in Facts about Barry Bonds. He was born on 24 July 1964.  In MLB or Major League Baseball, he played for 22 seasons. He was the player of San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates. Bonds is called as one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He was included in 14 All-Star selections and earned 7 MVP awards. Here are other interesting facts about Barry Bonds below:

Facts about Barry Bonds 1: hitter

Bonds took the title was one of the famous hitters.  He broke the record with .309 isolated powers and .444 on base percentage for his regular season career.

Facts about Barry Bonds 2: MLB hitting records

There are various kinds of MLB hitting records that Bonds received. He was the player who has the most career walks, most home runs in a single season as well as most career home runs.

Barry Bonds Pictures

Barry Bonds Pictures

Facts about Barry Bonds 3: the second

Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference.com ranked Bonds in the second place behind Babe Ruth for the career wind above replacement. Moreover, he also earned 8 Gold Gloves for the outfield defense. Find out facts about Babe Ruth here.

Facts about Barry Bonds 4: controversial career

Bonds had a controversial career after he involved in the steroid scandal in baseball. He was indicted of allegedly laying in front of the grand jury in 2007.

Barry Bonds Pic

Barry Bonds Pic

Facts about Barry Bonds 5: place of birth

Barry Bonds was born in Riverside, California. His mother was Patricia Howard. His father was Bobby Bonds. He was a former major leaguer. Find out another athlete in facts about Arthur Ashe.

Facts about Barry Bonds 6: the early life

During his school years, the young Bonds was talented in sport. He had great skill to play football, basketball, and baseball.  His parents raised him in San Carlos and went to Junípero Serra High School in San Mateo, California.

Barry Bonds Image

Barry Bonds Image

Facts about Barry Bonds 7: the baseball career at school

During the freshman year, he played in the junior varsity team. In his senior year, he took the batting record at .467 batting average. Therefore, he was called as the prep All-American.

Facts about Barry Bonds 8: attending college

Bonds decided to attend college and turned down the offer from the Giants after he did not agree with the contract term.

Facts about Barry Bonds

Facts about Barry Bonds

Facts about Barry Bonds 9: the college career

Bonds went to Arizona State University and took criminology. He had great baseball career three. When he graduated from the university, he earned ASU on Deck Circle Most Valuable Player.

Facts about Barry Bonds 10: Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates selected Bonds in the draft for Major League Baseball Drafts in 1985.

Barry Bonds Facts

Barry Bonds Facts

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