10 Facts about Bart Simpson

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Facts about Bart Simpson talk about the fictional character in The Simpsons. His full name is Bartholomew Jojo “Bart” Simpson.  He is a boy in the Simpson family. Nancy Cartwright voices Bart in this famous American animation TV series. On 19 April 1987, he appeared for the first time in The Tracey Ullman Show. Get more interesting facts about Bart Simpson by reading the following post below:

Facts about Bart Simpson 1: the creator

Let’s find out the creator of Bart Simpson. Matt Groening is the cartoonist who designs and creates Bart Simpson. At that time, he was inside the lobby of James L. Brook’s office.

Facts about Bart Simpson 2: new characters

He was called at the office of James L. Brook to pitch a story based on Life in Hell comic.  Instead of making the pitch, he decided to form new characters. One of them is Bart Simpson.

Bart Simpson Facts

Bart Simpson Facts

Facts about Bart Simpson 3: the name

Most characters in The Simpson are derived from the family members of Groening. However, Bart probably is the only name taken from the anagram of word brat.

Facts about Bart Simpson 4: the debut

The Simpson appeared for three years in The Tracey Ullman Show.  On 17 December 1989, the Simpson finally appeared on Fox with its own series.

Facts about Bart Simpson

Facts about Bart Simpson

Facts about Bart Simpson 5: the family

Bart is the eldest child in the Simpson family. He is 10 years old. He is the only son of Marge and Homer Simpson. His little sister are Lisa and Maggie. Find out facts about Barney here.

Facts about Bart Simpson 6: characters

Let’s find out the characters of Bart Simpson. He is famous with his disrespect, rebelliousness and mischievousness.

Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson

Facts about Bart Simpson 7: the appearance

The appearance of Bart Simpson is not only in The Simpson. But you can also find him in the Simpson Ride, comic books, video games, The Simpson movie, and commercials.

Facts about Bart Simpson 8: casting

Nancy Cartwright was hoping to get the voice role for Lisa.  On the other hand, Yeardley Smith wanted to get the voice role of Bart. However, Bart’s role was given to Nancy since Smith’s voice was too high for a boy. On the other hand, the role of Lisa was given to Smith.

Bart Simpson Pictures

Bart Simpson Pictures

Facts about Bart Simpson 9: rebellious attitude

Bart has rebellious attitude. It makes him picked as one of the bad examples for children role model by educators and parents. Get facts about aquaman here.

Facts about Bart Simpson 10: “entertainer of the year”

In 1990, the Entertainment Weekly called him as “entertainer of the year”. He was also included in 100 most important people of 20th century by Time.

Bart Simpson Image

Bart Simpson Image

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