10 Facts about Bartolome Murillo

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Get the interesting information about Spanish baroque painter in Facts about Bartolome Murillo. Murillo was born in the late December 1617. He was baptized on 1st of January 1618. He passed away on 3 April 1682. His full name was Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. Most of his paintings depicted the religious scenes. But you can find some paintings depicted the children and women.  Here are other interesting facts about Bartolome Murillo below:

Facts about Bartolome Murillo 1: the works of Bartolome Murillo

As I have stated before, his works mostly were about religious paintings.  But he also made several realist portraits such as the street urchins, flower girls, and beggars. Get facts about baroque art here.

Facts about Bartolome Murillo 2: parents

The experts believe that Murillo was born in Seville or probably in Pilas. His mother was María Pérez Murillo, while his father was Gasper Esteban.

Bartolome Murillo Facts

Bartolome Murillo Facts

Facts about Bartolome Murillo 3: the sibling

There were 14 children in the family and he was the youngest child. In 1618, Murillo was baptized in Seville. Both of his parents passed away when Murillo was very young.  His father worked as a surgeon and barber. He was raised by his aunt and uncle.

Facts about Bartolome Murillo 4: the art study

Murrilo’s teacher was Juan del Castillo. He learned art under the guidance of this man in Seville. Therefore, he was influenced by “Treatise on Sacred Images” of Molanus and Flemish painting.

Bartolome Murillo Art

Bartolome Murillo Art

Facts about Bartolome Murillo 5: the earliest influences

There were several artists who influenced the works of Murillo. Those included Alonzo Cano, Jusepe de Ribera and Zurbaran.

Facts about Bartolome Murillo 6: the development of painting style

In the later years, his painting style evolved. He knew the way to make the painting appealing and satisfying for the aristocratic and bourgeois people.  Therefore, he used the Roman Catholic religion in his art.

Bartolome Murillo Painting

Bartolome Murillo Painting

Facts about Bartolome Murillo 7: Madrid

When Murillo was 26 years old, he went to Madrid in 1642. In the new town, he located different kinds of art works of Flemish masters, Venetian artist and Velazquez. The influence can be seen in his subtle modeled form and rich colors.

Facts about Bartolome Murillo 8: personal life

His wife was Beatriz Cabrera y Villalobos. Both were blessed with 11 kids. He married this woman after he returned to Seville in 1645.

Bartolome Murillo Works

Bartolome Murillo Works

Facts about Bartolome Murillo 9: death

Murillo passed away at the age of 64 in Seville in 1682. Get facts about Banksy’s Artworks here.

Facts about Bartolome Murillo 10: the public collections

If you are interested to know the works of Murillo, you can check it on Wallace Collection in London, Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia and Museo del Prado in Madrid.

Bartering Facts

Bartering Facts

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