10 Facts about Base Jumping

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Base Jumping if you want to know the wingsuit flying or parachuting activity. The word Base actually is an acronym. It stands for building, antenna, span and earth. Compared to skydiving, this sport is more dangerous due to the lower altitudes. Therefore, it is included as one of the extreme stunts or sports. Let’s find out more interesting facts about base jumping below:

Facts about Base Jumping 1: the illegal or legal sport

The base jumping can be illegal or legal depending on the locations and jurisdictions. Many people know base jumping for it often features on the various actions movies.

Facts about Base Jumping 2: the term

As I have stated before BASE is only an acronym. This term was created by Carl Boenish, Jean Boenish, Phil Mayfield and Phil Smith. Carl was a filmmaker who developed the modern base jumping. You can check El Capitan when Carl shoot the first base jumping using the freefall tracking and ran air parachute in Yosemite National Park.

Facts about Base Jumping

Facts about Base Jumping

Facts about Base Jumping 3: the base numbers

The people who can do at least a jump will be gifted with BASE numbers based on the four categories in building, antenna, span and earth/cliff.

Facts about Base Jumping 4: Phil Smith and Phil Mayfield

Phil Smith and Phil Mayfield were famous in the world. On 18 January 1981, both jumped together from a Houston Skyscraper. Both get the Base #1 and Base #2. They are considered as the first persons who earn the base numbers.

Base Jumping Pictures

Base Jumping Pictures

Facts about Base Jumping 5: Night BASE jumping

Base Jumping was created as a separate award function after Mayfield could earn Base #1. He completed every category in base jumping in one night. A few weeks later, Smith could earn it too.

Facts about Base Jumping 6: the skydiving equipment

All standard skydiving equipments were used by the all BASE jumping in the beginning of 1980s.  It includes the deployment components as well as two parachutes. In the future, there is several equipment specifically designed for Base jumping.

Base Jumping Pic

Base Jumping Pic

Facts about Base Jumping 7: Phil Smith

Phil Smith of Houston got BASE #1 in 1981. Matt Harley Moilanen of Grand Rapids, Michigan was awarded with BASE #1000 for the 1000th application in 2005.

Facts about Base Jumping 8: the issued numbers

There are around 1,850 BASE numbers which have been issued since December 2014.

Base Jumping Image

Base Jumping Image

Facts about Base Jumping 9: xXx

xXx is one of the movies which show the base jumping scene. It was started by Vin Diesel in 2002. Find out a stunt man in facts about Bam Margera.

Facts about Base Jumping 10: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Another base jumping can be seen in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. It was when the characters jumping from IFC Tower in Hong Kong and over Bank of China.

Base Jumping Facts

Base Jumping Facts

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