10 Facts about Baseball

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Facts about Baseball present the interesting information about bat and ball game. There are two teams playing on the field. Each team has nine players. Each player will have their turn to do batting and fielding. There are nine innings in the game. The winner is selected by the greater number of runs that a team has. Here are some interesting facts about baseball for you:

Facts about Baseball 1: the popularity

The popularity of baseball is very high in United States. Even though it is often finished in nine innings, the baseball has no game clock in America.

Facts about Baseball 2: the origin of baseball

In the mid-18th century, baseball was played in England. It was inspired from the old bat and ball games.

Baseball Facts

Baseball Facts

Facts about Baseball 3: the North American baseball

The baseball is very popular in North America after it was brought by the immigrants. Then the modern baseball was developing in North America. There is no need to wonder that it becomes the national sport in US since 19th century.

Facts about Baseball 4: the popularity

The popularity of baseball is not only seen in North America but also in other parts of the world such as East Asia, South America, Central America, and Caribbean.

Facts about Baseball

Facts about Baseball

Facts about Baseball 5: Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball also known as MLB can be found in Canada and US.   The teams are divided in American League or AL and National League or NL. There are three divisions of Central, West and East for each team. Find out facts about baseball bat here.

Facts about Baseball 6: the first recoded game

In 1749, the first game of baseball was recorded in Surrey. One of the players was Prince of Wales.

Baseball Players

Baseball Players

Facts about Baseball 7: the father of modern baseball

Can you tell me the father of modern baseball? He was Alexander Cartwright. He developed Knickerbocker Rules for the bat and ball game in 1845. This man was a member of Knickerbocker Club in New York City.

Facts about Baseball 8: the popularity of baseball in New York City

The people who lived in New York City began to craze with baseball in the mid 1850s. It was called as the national game and national pastime by the local journals in 1856. The first governing body of baseball was created by 16 area clubs. It was called National Association of Base Ball Players.

Baseball Field

Baseball Field

Facts about Baseball 9: the first games

The first games of baseball which take the admission fee from the audience took place in Corono, Queens New York in 1858.

Facts about Baseball 10: the famous players

There are many famous baseball players such as Babe Ruth, Fred Merkle, Jackie Robinson, Ray Chapman and many more. Get facts about Baby Ruth here.

Baseball Pic

Baseball Pic

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