10 Facts about Bastille

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Let me show you a fortress located in Paris in Facts about Bastille. This building was called Bastille Saint-Antoine in the past. This building is very important in the history of France. It plays an important role in the French history. The Kings of France used Bastille as the state prison.  On 14 July 1789, the crowd stormed the Bastille prison which marked the start of French revolution. Today, the people celebrate it as Bastille Day. Here are some facts about Bastille for you:

Facts about Bastille 1: French Republican movement

The French republican movement is always symbolized with Bastille. Actually the building was established to give full protection in Hundred Years’ War from English attack.

Facts about Bastille 2: the demolished Bastille

You will not see Bastille anymore for it was demolished. Place de la Bastille replaced this old prison.

Facts about Bastille

Facts about Bastille

Facts about Bastille 3: the construction of Bastille

In 1357, the initial construction of Bastille was started even though actually the primary construction began in 1370. Porte Saint-Antoine was protected by this strong fortress. It had eight towers.

Facts about Bastille 4: the design

Bastille was created in innovative design. There is no need to wonder that the design was copied.

Bastille Remains

Bastille Remains

Facts about Bastille 5: the internal conflicts

Bastille played a major role during the internal conflict in France. In 16th century, it witnessed the Wars of Religion. In 15th century, it figured the dispute between the Armagnacs and Burgundians.

Facts about Bastille 6: the state prison

In 1417, Bastille was occupied as a state prison. In 1420 and 1430s, the English occupiers expanded the role of Bastille as a prison. In 1460s, this prison was under the command of King Louis XI.

Bastille Paris

Bastille Paris

Facts about Bastille 7: the threat from England

In 1550s, the Bastille was fortified to give protection against the imperial and English threat.  The east of the fortress had a bastion. Check out Big Ben facts here.

Facts about Bastille 8: Bastille under King Louis XIV

Bastille was used to hold the upper class French people during the reign of King Louis XIV. He made them prisoners if they opposed the king’s decision.

Bastille Miniature

Bastille Miniature

Facts about Bastille 9: Bastille under Louis XV and XVI

The people jailed were from different kinds of background in Bastille during the reign of Louis XV and XVI. The prison was used to enforce the printed media censorship by the government and to support the Parisian police’s operations. Find out another building in facts about Balmoral Castle here.

Facts about Bastille 10: the Bastille Day

The Bastille Day is used to commemorate the storm on 14 July 1789. The crowds of people who were mostly from faubourg Saint Antoine stormed the prison.

Bastille Facts

Bastille Facts

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