10 Facts about Bastille Day

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Find out the celebration of the storming of Bastille in Paris, France in Facts about Bastille Day.  It was one of the most important events in the French history. It marked the beginning of the French Revolution. The people in France call the Bastille Day as La Fete Nationale. It is celebrated in most parts of France for it is the national day in the country. Here are some interesting facts about Bastille Day.

Facts about Bastille Day 1: the date of the celebration

The storming of Bastille took place on 14 July 1789.  The Bastille Day is celebrated annually on 14th July. The people in France often call this Bastille Day as Fourteenth of July.

Facts about Bastille Day 2: who celebrates the Bastille Day?

If you think that only people who live in France who celebrate the Bastille Day, you are wrong. You can find the people from other countries celebrate the day. Most of them are French speaking communities and people.

Bastille Day Facts

Bastille Day Facts

Facts about Bastille Day 3: the events

There are many interesting events that people can enjoy during the Bastille Day celebration.

Facts about Bastille Day 4: Bastille Day Military Parade

One of the most fascinating events is Bastille Day Military Parade.  The tradition of this parade was established for the first time in 1880. If you are interested to spot the parade, you have to wake up early in the morning on 14th July in Paris.

Facts about Bastille Day

Facts about Bastille Day

Facts about Bastille Day 5: the route of the military parade

The military parade will reach Place de la Concorde from Arc de Triomphe. The military will be greeted by the French president and foreign ambassadors. Find out facts about Arc de Triomphe here.

Facts about Bastille Day 6: other popular events for the French people

There are many other popular events celebrated during the Bastille Day. You can spot the firework shows, dances, or even musical performance. You can also enjoy large picnic with family and friends.

Bastille Day

Bastille Day

Facts about Bastille Day 7: what is Bastille?

The Bastille building actually was a person located in Paris, France. The people were sentenced to prison by the king and his monarch.

Facts about Bastille Day 8: the storming Bastille

The soldiers decided to storm the prison and controlled it on 14 July 1789. It marked the French revolution. In 1792, the French Republic was established.

Bastille Day Pic

Bastille Day Pic

Facts about Bastille Day 9: Benjamin Raspail

Benjamin Raspail was a French politician who proposed the Bastille Day used as the National holiday in France in 1880. Find out facts about Bastille here.

Facts about Bastille Day 10: the largest Bastille Day celebration

The largest Bastille Day celebration can be seen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the celebration can last for 4 days.

Bastille Day Parade

Bastille Day Parade

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