10 Facts about Bath Abbey

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Facts about Bath Abbey tell you about the abbey church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The location of this church is in Bath, Somerset, England. It is an Anglican parish church. Bath Abbey was established in 7th century. In 10th century, it was reorganized. In 12th and 16th century, Sir George Gilbert Scott rebuilt the church with major construction. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bath Abbey below:

Facts about Bath Abbey 1: Perpendicular Gothic architecture

If you are interested to know a great example of Perpendicular Gothic architecture, you need to scrutinize the architectural design of Bath Abbey.

Facts about Bath Abbey 2: the number of visitors

Bath Abbey is one of the most popular places to visit in Bath. It can hold 1200 people to sit on the church. Each year, it is visited by thousands of people and congregation members. There are various activities conducted here such as concerts, religious services and secular civic ceremonies. Visit the vaults if you want to know the heritage museum.

Facts about Bath Abbey

Facts about Bath Abbey

Facts about Bath Abbey 3: the decoration of Bath abbey

The fan vaulting of Bath abbey is very famous. Therefore, it is included in a Grade I listed building. You can find interesting decoration of the wall and floor plaques. It contains the monuments for notable people and war memorials. Get facts about Bath England here.

Facts about Bath Abbey 4: organs

There are two organs located in Bath Abbey. This church is also a home of   a peal of ten bells. If you are an art lover, don’t forget to check the west front. You can find out an interesting sculpture which depicts angel climbing two stone ladders to reach the heaven.

Bath Abbey Picture

Bath Abbey Picture

Facts about Bath Abbey 5: a convent

A convent was established near Bath under the order of King of hwicce, Osric in 1657. He gave 100 hides for Abbes Berta to do the project.

Facts about Bath Abbey 6: the windows

Bath abbey has 52 windows.  The window is very large. Therefore, they occupy 80 percent of the wall space of the church.

Bath Abbey Pic

Bath Abbey Pic

Facts about Bath Abbey 7: Charles Empson

The memorial of Charles Empson can be seen on the window of Four Evangelists. They are located over the northwest door.

Facts about Bath Abbey 8: William Burges

William Burges designed the stained glass window. It was showed in 2010.

Bath Abbey Church

Bath Abbey Church

Facts about Bath Abbey 9: the tower

Bath abbey has a two stage central tower. It is in oblong plan shape. The height is around 49 meter or 161 feet.

Facts about Bath Abbey 10: the fan vaulting ceiling

Robert and William Vertue was the original designer for the interior fan vaulting ceiling. In 1864 till 1874, Sir George Gilbert Scott revised it.

Bath Abbey Facts

Bath Abbey Facts

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