10 Facts about Bath Salts

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Let me show you the recreational designer drugs in Facts about Bath Salts. This term is often used in North America to call those drugs. It is named as bath salt because the appearance of the drug is disguised as if it was real bath salt. There are some white crystals, granules and powder which resemble the bath salt. However, the chemical components are very different. Let’s find out more interesting facts about bath salt below:

Facts about Bath Salts 1: the packaging

Read the packaging first because it is often badged  “not for human consumption” to follow the prohibition laws for this drug.

Facts about Bath Salts 2: The synthetic cathinones

In 1920s, cathinones was synthesized for the first time.  The natural form of this substance can be found in plant khat to Catha edulis.

Bath Salt Facts

Bath Salt Facts

Facts about Bath Salts 3: the bath salt in 21st century

The underground chemist rediscovered the bath salt and made it into designer drug in 21st century. At that time, they were legal.

Facts about Bath Salts 4:the abuse of synthetic cathinones

The abuse of synthetic cathinones was found in 2009 and 2010 in Europe and United States. The reports of US poison center make the authorities aware that this synthetic cathinones are marked under the name bath salts.

Facts about Bath Salts

Facts about Bath Salts

Facts about Bath Salts 5: the marketing of bath salts

In United States, bath salts were easy to get because they are sold in head shops or even gas stations. This product was easier to get than alcohol or cigarettes.  The people who lived in Europe got it via websites or drug dealers.

Facts about Bath Salts 6: the brands

There are several brand names for bath salt sold online. It can be in Cloud Nine, Zoom, or Purple Wave.

Bath Salts Facts

Bath Salts Facts

Facts about Bath Salts 7: the components of bath salts

There are various components in bath salt. They include mephedrone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone, cathinone or methylone. In US, the common substance is methylenedioxypyrovalerone. In Europe, it is mainly from synthetic cathinone.

Facts about Bath Salts 8: how to use bath salts

Bath salt can be used in various ways. It can be injected, smoked, snorted or swallowed. Get facts about antidepressant here.

Bath Salt Pic

Bath Salt Pic

Facts about Bath Salts 9: symptoms

There are various symptoms experienced by the bath salt users such as heart palpitations, headache, cold fingers and nausea.  Some people also report having panic attacks, paranoia and hallucinations. Get facts about Alka Seltzer here.

Facts about Bath Salts 10: health issues

We should stay away from bath salt for it can lead into violent behavior. It also makes people experience severe health issues such as kidney failure, heart attack and liver failure.

Bath Salt

Bath Salt

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