10 Facts about Batteries

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If you want to know a device which can convert the stored chemical energy into the electrical energy, check Facts about Batteries. Batteries usually have two or more electrochemical cells. You can find anode or negative terminal and cathode or positive terminal on each cell. Get more facts about batteries by reading the following post below

Facts about Batteries 1: disposable

The disposable batteries are called as the primary batteries too. Once, you use the batteries, you have to discard them. During the discharge, you cannot reverse the electrode materials. The batteries are often used to power portable devices and flashlight.

Facts about Batteries 2: the rechargeable batteries

The rechargeable batteries are the secondary batteries.  You do not have to dispose them after you use the batteries. They can be recharged multiple times. The reverse current can restore the composition of the electrodes.

Batteries Facts

Batteries Facts

Facts about Batteries 3: the examples of rechargeable batteries

The common examples of rechargeable batteries include the lead acid batteries that people often use to power the vehicles. The portable electronics also have the rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Facts about Batteries 4: the shapes and sizes of batteries

There are various types of battery sizes and shapes. It can be super small or big.  The small one can be seen in the batteries used to power wristwatches and hearing aids. Or you can find out the batteries in the size of a room.   The big one can be seen in the computer data center.

Batteries for Car

Batteries for Car

Facts about Batteries 5: the sales

The sales of batteries are great. Every year, the industry of batteries in the world earned US$48 billion based on the estimated data in 2005. The annual growth for this industry is 6 percent.

Facts about Batteries 6: the energy

The specific energy of batteries is lower if you compare it with the common fuels. To produce the mechanical work, it is often combined with the electric motors.

Batteries Pic

Batteries Pic

Facts about Batteries 7: Alessandro Volta

The description of the electrochemical battery can be seen in the work of Alessandro Volta in 1800. It was called the voltaic pile. It was made by having the zinc and copper plates. The brine soaked paper disks were used to separate the plates.

Facts about Batteries 8: the common types of disposable batteries

The alkaline and zinc carbon batteries are included as the common types of primary batteries or disposable batteries.

Batteries Shape

Batteries Shape

Facts about Batteries 9: the lead acid battery

Do you know that the lead acid battery is considered as the oldest form of rechargeable battery in the world? Get facts about alternative energy here.

Facts about Batteries 10: electrochemical cells

There are many types of electrochemical cells used in the batteries such as the fuel cells, electrolytic cells, galvanic cells, voltaic piles and flow cells.

Facts about Batteries

Facts about Batteries

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