10 Facts about Battle of Yorktown

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Check the last great battle in American revolutionary war in Facts about Battle of Yorktown. This battle is very important in the American history for it marked the surrender of the British army. Thus, the peace treaty was considered by the British government. Find out the leaders of both armies and the location of the battle in the following post below:

Facts about Battle of Yorktown 1: General Nathanael Greene

The American continental army located in the South was under the command of General Nathanael Greene. Before Greene was appointed as the commander, the American struggle against the British troops was not going well. But Green made a big contribution by using new tactics which led the surrender of British soldiers in the East Coast.

Facts about Battle of Yorktown 2: another retreat

Another retreat of British army occurred in Yorktown. It was the army under the command of General Charles Cornwallis.  The French navy marched to the cost located near Yorktown, while the army of General George Washington moved to the north.

Facts about Battle of Yorktown

Facts about Battle of Yorktown

Facts about Battle of Yorktown 3: the real battle

The French and American soldiers outnumbered the British army who were at Yorktown. They were bombarded by the American soldiers for nearly 11 days. Since the British could not hold the attack, Cornwallis decided to surrender. However, he had a lot of demands for his surrender but Washington refused them.

Facts about Battle of Yorktown 4: the Articles of Capitulation

The Articles of Capitulation was the document signed by General Cornwallis on 19 October 1781. It was stated in the document that British surrendered.

Battle of Yorktown Pic

Battle of Yorktown Pic

Facts about Battle of Yorktown 5: Treaty of Paris

The battle of Yorktown opened the opportunity for the American colonies to have Treaty of Paris. There were around 8,000 British soldiers who retreat during the battle. Find out facts about Battle of Stalingrad here.

Facts about Battle of Yorktown 6: General Charles O’Hara

General Charles O’Hara was sent by General Cornwallis to surrender to the American forces. Cornwallis did not do it because he said that he was sick. Actually the British army wanted to surrender to French army, but they did it to the American soldiers.

Battle of Yorktown US

Battle of Yorktown US

Facts about Battle of Yorktown 7: the leaders in the war

Marquis de La Fayette was the French officer who commanded some American soldiers during the war. Actually he was appointed as the Major General in American forces. Comte de Rochambeau was the leader of French forces.

Facts about Battle of Yorktown 8: Lord Frederick North

Lord Frederick North was the British prime minister at that time. After the British army surrendered, he resigned from his position.

Battle of Yorktown Facts

Battle of Yorktown Facts

Facts about Battle of Yorktown 9: The German soldiers

Do you know that almost one third of the soldiers in battle were Germans? Get facts about Battle of Gettysburg here.

Facts about Battle of Yorktown 10: the number of the troops

During the battle, British only had 8,000 soldiers, while American and French had 18,000 soldiers.

Battle of Yorktown Image

Battle of Yorktown Image


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