10 Facts about Bauhaus

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Facts about Bauhaus give the interesting information about an art school located in Germany. The school was opened in 1919 and closed in 1933.  The school taught their students for fine arts and crafts. The name Bauhaus was taken from the German language. The literal meaning is house of construction. But it can be translated as School of Building. Get more interesting facts about Bauhaus below:

Facts about Bauhaus 1: who was the founder?

The founder of Bauhaus was Walter Gropius. He established the school in Weimar. Gropius actually was an architect. However, there was no architect department during the first years of the school.

Facts about Bauhaus 2: the total work of art

The total work of art is the main foundation of the school. Therefore, finally architecture was included as a subject in Bauhaus.

Bauhaus Art

Bauhaus Art

Facts about Bauhaus 3: Bauhaus style

In the later years, Bauhaus became one of the significant styles which influenced modern art, interior, graphic design, architecture and industrial design.

Facts about Bauhaus 4: the location of Bauhaus school

In 1919 till 1925, Bauhaus was located in Weimar.  In 1925 till 1932, it was situated in Dessau. In 1932 till 1933, it was located in Berlin.

Facts about Bauhaus

Facts about Bauhaus

Facts about Bauhaus 5: the architect directors

In 1919 till 1928, Bauhaus was under the architect director Walter Gropius. Then it was led by Hannes Meyer in 1928 till 1930. In 1930 till 1933, it was under Ludwig van der Rohe. The Nazi led government made this school closed down because of the higher pressure. It was claimed by Nazi that Bauhaus was a center of communist intellectualism.

Facts about Bauhaus 6: the characteristics of Bauhaus style

Let’s find out the characteristics of Bauhaus style.  The design, art or architectural building was created by the harmony of function. It did not evoke any ornamentation. Find out another art in Baroque art facts.

Bauhaus Painting

Bauhaus Painting

Facts about Bauhaus 7: the curriculum of Bauhaus

The main objective of the curriculum in Bauhaus was to unify technology, crafts and art.

Facts about Bauhaus 8: German Democratic Republic

German Democratic Republic used the physical plant located at Dessau as a design school after this plant could survive from World War II.

Bauhaus in Dessau

Bauhaus in Dessau

Facts about Bauhaus 9: The White City of Tel Aviv

During the rise of Nazi, there were many German Jewish architects who migrated to British Mandate of Palestine. They made around 4,000 Bauhaus or International styles buildings in Tel Aviv in 1930s. This collection is called The White City of Tel Aviv. Find out an artist in Barry Flanagan facts.

Facts about Bauhaus 10: the lecturers of Bauhaus

Some artists who had been the lecturers in Bauhaus included Avgust Cernigoj, Max Bill, Anni Albers, Herbert Bayer and many more.

Bauhaus Facts

Bauhaus Facts

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