10 Facts about Bavaria

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Facts about Bavaria tell you about the Free State of Bavaria.  It has the area of 27,200 square miles or 70,548 square kilometers. The location of this federal state of Germany is on the southeast of Germany. Since the state is very large, it is considered as the largest state in the country. It occupies around a fifth of the total area in Germany. Here are other interesting facts about Bavaria for you:

Facts about Bavaria 1: the population

Bavaria is considered as the second most populous state in Germany. It is inhabited by 12.5 million people.

Facts about Bavaria 2: the capital

The capital of Bavaria is Munich. It is considered as the third largest city in Germany. In Bavaria, Munich is the largest city.

Facts about Bavaria

Facts about Bavaria

Facts about Bavaria 3: the Holy Roman Empire

The formation and settlement of Bavaria can be traced back in the Holy Roman Empire when it was appointed as a duchy in 6th century. It became an independent kingdom. Then it was appointed as a state in Federal Republic of Germany.

Facts about Bavaria 4: the duchy of Bavaria

In 555, it became the duchy of Bavaria. The Duke of Bavaria was appointed as the Prince elector of Holy Roman Empire in 17th century.

Bavaria State

Bavaria State

Facts about Bavaria 5: the Kingdom of Bavaria

In 1806 till 1918, it became the Kingdom of Bavaria. Then it became a republic. The democratic lines were seen in the Free State of Bavaria in 1946. Some parts of Upper Palatinate, Franconia and Swabia are included in the region of Modern Bavaria.

Facts about Bavaria 6: Roman Catholic faith

Roman Catholic faith is very important in the Bavarian culture. Do you know that Joseph Alois Ratzinger or Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI was born in Upper Bavaria in Marktl am Inn. The numbers of the people who embrace Roman Catholicism were around 54.4 percent as of 2010. The number was declined in 2007. There were 56.3 percent of the Roman Catholic people. In 1970s, there were 70.4 percent of the people who embraced Roman Catholicism in Bavaria.

Bavaria Pic

Bavaria Pic

Facts about Bavaria 7: the traditional costume

The traditional costume of the Bavarian people is called Tracht.  People wear it in special events. The females will wear Dirndl, while males wear Altbayern Lederhosen.

Facts about Bavaria 8: the bagpipe

The bagpipe is one of the traditional musical instruments played by the people in Upper Palatinate. Learn bagpipes facts here.

Bavaria Image

Bavaria Image

Facts about Bavaria 9: the parade

The famous parade of the Bavarian culture is Steuben Parade. It will be held every year.

Facts about Bavaria 10: beer

The beer is made of barley, hops, and water to create the traditional beer in Bavaria. Find out Barley facts here.

Bavaria Facts

Bavaria Facts

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