10 Facts about Bayern Munich

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Facts about Bayern Munich inform you with one of the famous German football clubs in the world.  You can watch the performance of this football club in Bundesliga. It is considered as the top tier for football league system in Germany. The base for this club is in Munich, Bavaria. Bayern Munich is one of the best clubs in the world which earns 17 national cups and 25 national titles. Here are some interesting facts about Bayern Munich below:

Facts about Bayern Munich 1: the formation

In 1900, 11 football players established Bayern Munich. The leader was Franz John. In 1932, Bayern Munich earned their first national championship. However, it was not included in Bundesliga.

Facts about Bayern Munich 2: the great success

In the mid-1970s, Bayern Munich enjoyed great success. In 1974 till 1976, the club earned three times European cup in a row. Thanks to the captaincy of Franz Beckenbauer. Find out another sport club in Facts about Barcelona FC.

Bayern Munich Facts

Bayern Munich Facts

Facts about Bayern Munich 3: the European cups

Bayern Munich has an impressive winning record. It reached 10 UEFA Champion league finals even though it only won one UEFA cup. Other impressive record can be seen when the club won one UEFA Super Cup, one FIFA Club World Cup and one European Cup Winners’ Cup.

Facts about Bayern Munich 4: the action in Bundesliga

Bayern Munich is considered as one of the important teams in Bundesliga.  It earned 25 titles. In the last 11 titles, the club won seven times.

Facts about Bayern Munich

Facts about Bayern Munich

Facts about Bayern Munich 5: the rivals of Bayern Munich

Let’s find out the rivals of Bayern Munich. The contemporary rivalry of Bayern Munich and Borussian Dortmund is very famous in Germany. It also has some local rivals such as 1. FC Nürnberg and TSV 1860 München.

Facts about Bayern Munich 6: Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena has been the home game for Bayern Munich since 2005/2006 season. For almost 33 years, the football club played in Munich’s Olympiastadion. Get facts about Bavaria here.

Bayern Munich Players

Bayern Munich Players

Facts about Bayern Munich 7: the color of the team

Can you mention the color of Bayern Munich? Red and white are considered as the team colors. You can find the white and blue flag of Bavaria located at the team crest.

Facts about Bayern Munich 8: the revenue

The revenue of Bayern Munich is very big.  In 2013/2014 season, the club earns €487.5 million. Thus, it is considered as the biggest sport club in the country. In the world, it is ranked in the third place.

Bayern Munich Player

Bayern Munich Player

Facts about Bayern Munich 9: the members

There are around 251,000 members that Bayern Munich has. Therefore, it is considered as the second biggest club in the world.

Facts about Bayern Munich 10: department

It is very surprising to know that Bayern Munich has other departments like bowling, senior football, gymnastics, handball, chess, basketball and table tennis.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

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