10 Facts about Baylor University

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If you are interested to know the private Baptist University in Waco, Texas, read Facts about Baylor University. The Republic of Texas chartered the university in 1845.  Therefore, it is considered as the oldest continuously operating university in Texas. There are many programs offered in the university such as English, music, science, business, law and medicine. Find our more facts about Baylor University below:

Facts about Baylor University 1: the tradition

Baylor University has their traditions. They can be seen in the yearly celebration.  The memorials are included as a part of the university’s tradition. The tradition in this school will be organized by Baylor Chamber of Commerce. It is the student organization.

Facts about Baylor University 2: the Bears

The Bears is the athletic teams of Baylor University. The teams have been seen in nineteen intercollegiate sports.

Baylor University Logo

Baylor University Logo

Facts about Baylor University 3: the students

How many students are there in Baylor University? It is estimated that around 16,000 people study here. Most of them are from US, while others represent foreign countries in the world.

Facts about Baylor University 4: the under graduate enrollment

The gender distribution for the undergraduate enrollment in Baylor University is 58 percent female students and 42 percent male students. The total enrollment is 13,859.

Facts about Baylor University

Facts about Baylor University

Facts about Baylor University 5: the clubs and organizations

There are various kinds of organization and clubs in Baylor University.  The students can participate in the organizations and clubs based on their interest.   They can be in multicultural, Greek life, academic or sport club.

Facts about Baylor University 6: Greek life

Greek life is one of the interesting fraternities to follow in the university. It is estimated that 21 percent of undergraduate women and 14 percent of undergraduate men follow the fraternity. The Greek organizations are not allowed to have official houses on the campus. Find out ancient Greek life facts here.

Baylor University Pictures

Baylor University Pictures

Facts about Baylor University 7: the services events

The sororities as well as the fraternities in Baylor University are very active in different kinds of service events, formals, and mixers.

Facts about Baylor University 8: The Baylor Line

The tradition for the new students started in 1970s is called the Baylor Line. Before the home football games, the freshmen should rush to the field wearing the football jerseys. The students should select a nickname and the year of graduation to be put on the line jersey. Find out another university in ASU facts.

Baylor University

Baylor University

Facts about Baylor University 9: The Mass Meeting

The new Baylor students will learn about the Mass Meeting on the homecoming week on Thursday night. They will learn about 10 student athletes of Baylor who passed away on bus train on 22 January 1927 in Round Rock Texas.

Facts about Baylor University 10: Memorial lamp posts

Memorial lamp posts are the tradition to commemorate the Baylor women and men who died in World War II.

Baylor University

Baylor University

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