10 Facts about Bayonets

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Facts about Bayonets talk about one of the important weapons in the past time. This word bayonet was taken from the French word baïonnette. This weapon is often used in hand to hand fighting. You can utilize bayonet to turn a gun into a spear because this sword-like metal blade can be placed the muzzle of a rifle or a musket. It is often considered as a backup weapon just in case that you are involved in a close combat. Find out more interesting facts about bayonets below:

Facts about Bayonets 1: the modern day bayonets

Compared to the past time bayonets, the modern days bayonets are more functional. They can be used not only as a backup weapon but also as a barbed wire cutter. But you have to combine the bayonet with scabbards.

Facts about Bayonets 2: the original purpose

Actually bayonets had been known by the soldiers in the field. The use the knife shaped bayonets was for cutting something. It is considered as the original and general purpose of the bayonets. Check facts about ancient Greek weapons here.

Facts about Bayonets

Facts about Bayonets

Facts about Bayonets 3: the term bayonet

It is not easy to find out whether actually bayonets were only a type of a knife or they were knives attached at the end of the riffle. The usage of the term bayonet was originated back in 16th century.

Facts about Bayonets 4: General Jean Martinet

General Jean Martinet was the French army who introduced bayonet as the weapon. In 1660s, bayonet was very common among the European soldiers.

Bayonet Facts

Bayonet Facts

Facts about Bayonets 5: the plug type bayonet

The plug type bayonet was considered as the early type of bayonet. The light infantry would be able to be converted into the heavy infantry using this type of bayonet.

Facts about Bayonets 6: the sword bayonet

The sword bayonet was the new concept of bayonet introduced in 19th century. The long bladed weapon is fitted with either a single or double blade. Therefore, it can be used as a short weapon too. Get facts about Aboriginal weapons here.

Bayonets and Soldiers

Bayonets and Soldiers

Facts about Bayonets 7: British Infantry Rifle

In 1800 till 1840, British Infantry Rifle used the sword bayonet fitted rifle. The people then called it as Baker Riffle. However, people use the term fix sword to call the bayonet in various types of length.

Facts about Bayonets 8: the US Navy

Prior to the American Civil war, the US navy fitted bayonet blade on the single shot pistol. Eventually, they realized that this bayonet was useless. It was beneficial only for cooking.



Facts about Bayonets 9: the mass production

The mass production of multipurpose bayonets occurred in some European countries in 1869.  It could be used by troops, pioneer, or even police.

Facts about Bayonets 10: the sawback bayonet

The sawback bayonet is considered as one of the multipurpose designs. In the spine of the blade, it features saw teeth.

Bayonet Pic

Bayonet Pic

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