10 Facts about BBFC

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Facts about BBFC talk about British Board of Film Classification. In the past, BBFC was called British Board of Film Censors prior 1985. In 1912, BBFC was established by film industry. It is a nongovernmental organization. The main function of BBFC is to do the censorships and classification of the films in UK. Here are some interesting facts about BBFC for you:

Facts about BBFC 1: Video Recordings Act 2010

Video Recordings Act 2010 gives BBFC the statutory requirement when this organization wants to classify the DVDS, videos and video games.

Facts about BBFC 2: the formation of BBFC

The members of Film Industry called British Board of Film Censors founded BBFC in 1912. At first, the organization was only used to do their censorship. It was not used to do the local or national censorships.

BBFC Facts

BBFC Facts

Facts about BBFC 3: the operation of the BBFC

On 1 January 1913, BBFC began to operate in United Kingdom. Cinematograph Act 1909 was the legal basis of BBFC. It was stated in the act that the licenses for the cinemas should be obtained from the local authorities.

Facts about BBFC 4: the safety reason

The safety reason was the main cause the act introduced in UK. It was due to the fact that many nitrate film fires were located in inappropriate venues. For instance, the shops and fairground were transformed into cinemas. Therefore, BBFC was established to regulate the issue.

BBFC Image

BBFC Image

Facts about BBFC 5: before the World War II

BBFC for Home Office performed the unofficial system of political censorship prior to World War II.

Facts about BBFC 6: the fear of the government

The government had great fear that the cinema would present propaganda on the movie which can be a socially power mass medium.  It also happened in Nazi Germany and Soviet Union where some British movies were banned.



Facts about BBFC 7: German Embassy

German Embassy protested on the BBFC by the Home Office after the film which focused on Edith Cavell’s execution was allowed to play.

Facts about BBFC 8: British films

British films were treated strictly. BBFC wanted the British Studios to submit their script before they started shooting.

BBFC Picture

BBFC Picture

Facts about BBFC 9: the first computer game

BBFC issued the first certification for the computer game in December 1986. There were 15 certificates that the game earned.  The game was based on the Bram Stoker novel, Dracula. Find out a famous character in Barney facts.

Facts about BBFC 10: Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper was another computer game. On 11 December 1987, it received 18 certificates. It was based on Jack the Ripper. The game talked about the life murders in Victorian London.

Facts about BBFC

Facts about BBFC

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