10 Facts about BBL

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Facts about BBL tell you about the British Basketball League. It is considered as the professional basketball league in UK for the premier men.  It is often called as BBL. There are two competitions in BBL. Both are BBL Trophy and BBL Cup. It also has the post season playoff. Don’t confuse the EBL with BBL since the EBL is the second tier of British basketball. It is the Scottish Men’s National League. Find out more interesting facts about BBL for you:

Facts about BBL 1: the relegation between BBL and EBL

BBL and EBL has no relegation or even promotion due to the franchise system used in British Basketball League. However, there are some clubs in BBL selected from EBL.

Facts about BBL 2: the teams

BBL has 13 teams which represent Scotland and England. The league operations will be overseen by a chairman elected by the teams. Find out another sport in facts about baseball.

Facts about BBL

Facts about BBL

Facts about BBL 3: the current chairman

Ed Percival is the current chairman.  BBL is headquartered in Leicester. The oldest team of Britain is based in this city. It is named Leicester Riders.

Facts about BBL 4: British Basketball Union

British Basketball Union was an organization used to promote the development of basketball in Great Britain. This organization was established in 2012 by BBL, basketballscotland and England Basketball.

BBL Players

BBL Players

Facts about BBL 5: a women’s league

In 2014, the women’s league was launched by BBL with the partnership of England Basketball. The league is called WBBL or Women’s British Basketball League.

Facts about BBL 6: who is the owner of the club?

The owner of British basketball league is the members clubs. It is the independent company. Every club in BBL has a franchise. Each of them has the representative on the board of directors and equal shareholding in British Basketball League.



Facts about BBL 7: the chairman

In 1987 till 1988, the chairman is John Deacon. In 1988 to 2002, the chairman was Kevin Routledge. In 2002 till 2005, the chairman was Vince Macaulay. In 2005 to 2013, the chairman was Paul Blake. The current chairman is Ed Percival.

Facts about BBL 8: the Championship

The flagship competition of BBL is called the Championship. The league is launched in September to April. It has 36 game regular seasons for all member teams.

BBL Facts

BBL Facts

Facts about BBL 9: playoff

In April, the post season playoff will be launched. The teams played in this post season are the top eight teams from the regular season. Get facts about Air Jordans here.

Facts about BBL 10: the Cup final

In the beginning of January, the cup final will take place in National Indoor Area in Birmingham.

BBL Game

BBL Game

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