10 Facts about BDD

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Facts about BDD talk about the Body dysmorphic disorder. Some people also call it dysmorphic syndrome, body dysmorphia and dysmorphophobia. The people who have BDD view their body flaw in exaggerated light. However, the flaws that the sufferers perceive are not real. The other people cannot convince him or her about it. Here are some interesting facts about BDD for you:

Facts about BDD 1: spending the time

Most sufferers of BDD will spend at least three hours in one day to hide their flaws. This disorder can be caused by the genetic, social engagement and personality factors.

Facts about BDD 2: the common disorder

BDD is considered as a common disorder because it affects around 1 to 2 percent of the whole population in the world. It can affect men and women.

Facts about BDD

Facts about BDD

Facts about BDD 3: adults or children?

BBD can be seen not only in adults but also in children. The condition usually occurs when the person is in adolescence age. At that time, there are a lot of changes occurred in the body.

Facts about BDD 4: the indicators

Even though the causes of BDD are not certain, but many people believe that it has something to do with abuse or bullying at young age. The sufferers want to fulfill the expectation of beauty.



Facts about BDD 5: the genetic factor

The genetic factor also affects the occurrence of BDD.  It is stated that 8 percent of the BDD sufferers have close relatives who also have BDD. Another study states that 7 percent of BDD sufferers have close relatives who have OCD.

Facts about BDD 6: the comorbidity rate

The comorbidity rate for BDD and other anxiety disorders such as social phobia, OCD, and panic disorder is around 7 percent.

BDD Picture

BDD Picture

Facts about BDD 7: the treatment

Due to the correlation of BDD with other anxiety disorder, there are many treatments used to recover the people from OCD applied for the people with BDD.

Facts about BDD 8: the main characteristics

What are the main characteristics of BDD?  The sufferers believe about their real imperfection. They are obsessed with these unreal imperfections. Get facts about anorexia nervosa here.



Facts about BDD 9: the physical appearance

The people who have BDD are preoccupied to enhance the physical look. They seek for the cosmetic modification, surgery or even dermatological treatment to make it fix.

Facts about BDD 10: skin picking

One of the symptom of BDD is the skin picking. By doing this activity, actually the sufferers may create larger imperfection on the skin. They are very prone to repetitive behavior. Get facts about anxiety disorder.

BDD Facts

BDD Facts

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