10 Facts about Beach Volleyball

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Facts about Beach Volleyball explain one of the popular sports in the world. There are two teams competing in the beach volleyball game. The net is located in the middle of the sand court. Since 1996, beach volleyball is included in the Olympic Games. Let me show you more interesting facts about beach volleyball below:

Facts about Beach Volleyball 1: the object of the game

To win the game, the player should be able to send the ball over the net. They have to make sure that when the ball passes the net, it will hit the ground of the opponent’s court.  There are three touches for the team to return the ball over the net.

Facts about Beach Volleyball 2: the history

The large sandy area was established by the new jetties in Santa Monica, California in 1920s. The main purpose is for public enjoyment. But this establishment of sandy area also developed the beach volleyball in Santa Monica.

Facts about Beach Volleyball

Facts about Beach Volleyball

Facts about Beach Volleyball 3: the first permanent net

Many people began to play beach volleyball as one of the recreational activities in the beach and private beach clubs when the first permanent net was introduced.

Facts about Beach Volleyball 4: the beach clubs

In the end of 1922, there were beach clubs appeared in Santa Monica. In 1924, the competition among those clubs occurred in the area.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Facts about Beach Volleyball 5: just like the indoor volleyball

The beach volleyball is just like the indoor volleyball. There are two teams who will compete in the game. Each team usually has at least 6 players. The rules are just like the indoor volleyball.

Facts about Beach Volleyball 6: Paul “Pablo” Johnson

Paul “Pablo” Johnson took the credit as the first person who developed the concept of modern two man beach volleyball match.  Do you know that he was an indoor player of Santa Monica Athletic Club?

Beach Volleyball Players

Beach Volleyball Players

Facts about Beach Volleyball 7: the players

Johnson had the idea to create two men game after there were only two people presented in the game in summer 1930s. They were waiting for the players in the six man game, but only two people came. Therefore, the game was changed. Find out another sport in baseball facts.

Facts about Beach Volleyball 8: the recreational games

If you check the recreational games, the beach volleyball has more players. If you check the elite level of this game, it is played by two teams which consist of two players for each side.

Beach Volleyball Game

Beach Volleyball Game

Facts about Beach Volleyball 9: the emergence of beach volleyball in Europe

In 1930s, the beach volleyball began to appear in Europe. Get facts about BBL here.

Facts about Beach Volleyball 10: the double tournaments

The competition of beach volleyball in double tournament was played by the people in Santa Monica in 1940s.

Beach Volleyball Facts

Beach Volleyball Facts

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