10 Facts about Beaches

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Find out the interesting Facts about Beaches in the following explanation. Beaches are located on the shoreline of the sea or ocean.  You can find the loose rocks located around the beaches. People love to spend their time in the beaches. There are a lot of particles or materials there such as pebbles, gravel, sand, shells or even cobblestones. Here are some interesting facts about beaches:

Facts about Beaches 1: the location of beaches

If you are interested to visit the beaches, you need to go to the coast.  The sediments on the beaches are reshaped and reworked due to the rises of sweater, tides and wave action.

Facts about Beaches 2: the sandy beaches

The SiO2 or silica is the main component of the sandy beaches. You can find silica in mineral quartz. Get facts about barrier reef here.

Facts about Beaches

Facts about Beaches

Facts about Beaches 3: the colors

If you think that beaches are always in brown color, you are wrong. You can find beaches in various colors depending on the type of sediments. You can find beaches in red, black, brown, gold-yellow, grey and white.

Facts about Beaches 4: the wild beaches

The wild beaches are the term used to call the beaches undisturbed by the human settlements. In this present day, it is not easy to find the wild beaches because of the presence of hotels, camps, houses, resorts and shops around the beaches.



Facts about Beaches 5: Blue Flag status

Blue Flag status is used to award the good recreational beaches. It can be seen from the safety condition as well as the water quality of the beaches.

Facts about Beaches 6: the tourist attractions

There are various beaches in the world used as tourist attractions. Many tourists come to the beaches to stroll on the beach, swim, sunbathe, surf and build sandcastle. Find out another destination in Banff National Park facts here.



Facts about Beaches 7: Casino Beach

Casino Beach or Praia do Cassino is believed to be the longest beach in the world. The length of the beach is 212 km or 132 miles. It is situated in Rio Grande, Brazil.

Facts about Beaches 8: the largest sand island

The largest sand island in the world is located in Fraser Island on the coast of Queensland. The beach of the Queensland Coast in Australia has the length at 40 miles or 65 km. This largest sand island covers the area of 163,000 ha.

Beach Picture

Beach Picture

Facts about Beaches 9: the tallest sand castle

The tallest sand castle ever built on the beach has the height at 37 feet 10 inches.

Facts about Beaches 10: the interesting beaches

Some of the famous beaches in the world are located in Bali, Australia, Hawaii, Maldives, and Caribbean Island.

Beach Pic

Beach Pic

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