10 Facts about Beagles

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Facts about Beagles talk about the dog breed which has the small to medium body size. You can compare the appearance of beagles with the foxhound. However, this dog has softer ears and shorter legs. Beagles have great smelling sense. It is used by the animals to track deer, rabbit, or even hare. Get more interesting facts about beagles in the following post below:

Facts about Beagles 1: the smell and tracking instinct

The tracking and smell instinct of beagles are amazing. There is no need to wonder that beagles are often used to detect the prohibited foodstuffs and agricultural imports.

Facts about Beagles 2: the popularity of beagles

Beagles are very popular in the world as a pet because they only have limited health problems and cute size. This animal is single minded even though it is an intelligent animal.

Beagle Pic

Beagle Pic

Facts about Beagles 3: the modern breed

In 1830s, the modern breed of beagles was developed Great Britain. Actually it has been around for more than 2,500 years. The development of the modern breed was from several types of dog breeds. It could be the Harrier, Talbot Hound, Southern Hound and North Country Beagle.

Facts about Beagles 4: the depiction of beagles in popular culture

Beagle is considered as one of the important dog breeds in the world. It has been depicted in various types of paintings and literature since the Elizabethan era. You can find it in comic, TV and films.



Facts about Beagles 5: Snoopy

One character derived from Beagle is Snoopy. It is considered as the most famous beagle in the world.

Facts about Beagles 6: the general appearance

As I have stated before beagles have the general appearance which remind you with Foxhound. However, it has shorter muzzle and broader head. Based on the proportional of the body, the legs are shorter. Moreover, beagles have different facial expression.

Facts about Beagles

Facts about Beagles

Facts about Beagles 7: the size

The weight of beagles is round 8.2 to 15.9 kg or 18 to 35 lb. The weight of male is larger than the female. The height is around 33 to 41 cm or 13 to 16 inches. Get facts about bears here.

Facts about Beagles 8: the colors

You can find beagles in various colors. The most common beagles come in tricolors. It has light brown shading and white with large black color.

Beagle Picture

Beagle Picture

Facts about Beagles 9: the temper

Let’s find out the temper of beagles. They have gentle and even temper. They are not aggressive dogs. Get facts about baboons here.

Facts about Beagles 10: hard to train

Even though beagles are intelligent animals, they are hard to train due to the single minded nature.



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