10 Facts about Beans

Tuesday, June 2nd 2015. | Culinary

If you are interested with a kind of vegetable used for animal and human food, check Facts about Beans. It is included in the family of Fabaceae. It is one of the most popular seeds in the world. To make it grow well, you have to plant beans on the warm temperature. It is included as a summer crop. You have to wait around 55 to 60 days to harvest beans. Find out more interesting facts about beans below:

Facts about Beans 1: the mature bean pods

If you are confused to find out whether the bean pods have matured or not, you can check the color. The pods will turn in to yellow color. Inside, the beans also have mature color.

Facts about Beans 2: the three sisters

The three sisters is an important term to grow the crops of Native American people.  Beans will be grown along with squash and corn. The beans will be supported by the tall cornstalks.

Bean Image

Bean Image

Facts about Beans 3: the bush beans

The bush bean is a popular term in modern day because there is no need for the famers to present on support for the bean plants. It is perfect commercial production of beans due to the high practicality.

Facts about Beans 4: the important plant

Bean is one a new plant for the people in the world. It has been cultivated since the ancient time.



Facts about Beans 5: the fava beans

The fava beans are called as the broad beans too. The people gathered the beans on the foothills of the Himalaya and Afghanistan. It resembles the size of a small fingernail. Since the beginning of 7th millennium BCE, the beans were planted in Thailand.

Facts about Beans 6: the ancient Egyptian people

The ancient Egyptian people were familiar with beans too because they were deposited with the dead.

Bean Plant

Bean Plant

Facts about Beans 7: the cultivation

The cultivation of beans began in the 2nd millennium BCE.  It could be found in transalpine Europe, Iberia and Aegean as the large seeded broad beans.

Facts about Beans 8: fiber

If you want to get a lot of fiber from food, bean is a good option. It contains a significant amount of fiber. You can get around 9 to 13 grams of fiber from one cup of cooked beans. You can reduce the blood cholesterols for it has soluble fiber.

Bean Pictures

Bean Pictures

Facts about Beans 9: the nutrition of beans

By eating beans, you can get iron, folate, complex carbohydrate, protein and fiber. Get facts about banana here.

Facts about Beans 10: baked beans

One of the interesting dishes made of beans is baked bean. Even though it is called baked beans, actually the beans are stewed. You can eat it with sauce. Get facts about baking here.

Facts about Beans

Facts about Beans

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