10 Facts about Bear Grylls

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Let me show you the famous British writer, adventurer and TV presenter in Facts about Bear Grylls. This man was born on 7 June 1974. His full name was Edward Michael Grylls. This man was famous due to his TV series with the title Man vs. Wild aired in 2006 till 2011 in UK. The original title of this series was Born Survivor: Bear Grylls. Here are other interesting facts about Bear Grylls below:

Facts about Bear Grylls 1: the fame

Bear Grylls is famous due to his TV series which focuses on the wilderness survival theme.  He gains the fame not only in his home country, UK. The audiences in United States are familiar with his performance.

Facts about Bear Grylls 2: the record

When he was 35 years old, Bear Grylls was selected as the youngest ever Chief Scout in July 2009.

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls

Facts about Bear Grylls 3: the early life

Let’s find out the early life of Grylls. He was raised in Donaghadee, County Down, Northern Ireland.  He had to live in Bembridge in Isle of Wight at the age of 4 due to his parents’ relocation.

Facts about Bear Grylls 4:parents

His mother was Lady Sarah Grylls, while his father was Sir Michael Grylls. He worked as a Conservative party politician. The parents of his mother were influential. His maternal grandfather was Neville Ford. He was a businessman and cricketer. His maternal grandmother was an Ulster unionist party MP, Patricia Ford.

Bear Grylls Pic

Bear Grylls Pic

Facts about Bear Grylls 5: Lara Fawcett

Lara Fawcett was the elder sister of Grylls. She was the only sibling that Bear had. The name Bear was coined by his sister. He called him Bear when he was only 7 day old. His sister worked as a cardio tennis coach.

Facts about Bear Grylls 6: the education

Let’s find out the education of Bear. He went to Eaton House, Ludgrove School and Eton College. In 2002, he graduated from the University of London by having a degree in Hispanic studies. When he was in his early school days, he was involved in mountaineering club.

Bear Grylls Facts

Bear Grylls Facts

Facts about Bear Grylls 7: the favorite activities

His father was a member of Royal Yacht Squadron. It was a prestigious club at that time. Therefore, his father often took him to sail and climb since Bear was very young.

Facts about Bear Grylls 8: the teenage time

Bear learned to skydive when he was a teenager. It was very surprising to know that he could earn the black belt in Shotokan karate.

Bear Grylls Fact

Bear Grylls Fact

Facts about Bear Grylls 9: personal life

In 2000, he married Shara Cannings Knight. Both are blessed with three sons. Those are Huckleberry, Marmaduke and Jesse. Get facts about Bayard Rustin here.

Facts about Bear Grylls 10: awards

The Royal Naval Reserve awarded Grylls with an honorary rank of lieutenant commander in 2004. He also got an honorary rank of lieutenant colonel in 2013 from Royal Marines Reserve.

Facts about Bear Grylls

Facts about Bear Grylls

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