10 Facts about Bearded Dragons

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Facts about Bearded Dragons tell you about pogono. Many people call this animal with the common name bearded dragon.  The term is taken from the beard that this lizard has. It is included in the genus of reptiles. You can find bearded dragon living in bushes or even branches. Let me show you more interesting facts about bearded dragons below:

Facts about Bearded Dragons 1: in Australia

You can find bearded dragons living in Australia. They are spotted on shrub land, desert, woodlands and eucalyptus area. Get facts about Australian animals here.

Facts about Bearded Dragons 2: as a pet

Some species of bearded dragons are kept by human beings as pets. You can also find the unique one exhibited in the zoos. They are considered as exotic and unique reptiles.

Bearded Dragon Image

Bearded Dragon Image

Facts about Bearded Dragons 3: the characteristics of bearded dragon

Have you ever seen bearded dragon before? This animal has spiny scales in clusters. The body is flattened. It has triangular and broad head. Get facts about Aves here.

Facts about Bearded Dragons 4: the spiny scales

The spiny scales are very important for the bearded dragons. They are used to make the predators away. They are located at the back of the head. Even though bearded dragons can expand the spiny scales, they are not sharp.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

Facts about Bearded Dragons 5: the communication

You have to check the behavior of bearded dragon from their gesture. This animal can show dominance to other bearded dragons by having a head bobbing. To show submission, it has the hand waving gesture.

Facts about Bearded Dragons 6: changing the color

Bearded dragons can change their color. It usually happens during the challenges between the male bearded dragons. The temperature affects the body color.  To absorb the heat, the body of bearded dragon turns black.

Bearded Dragon Facts

Bearded Dragon Facts

Facts about Bearded Dragons 7: the size of bearded dragon

In average, the female bearded dragons have the size around 12 to 20 inches or 30 to 51 cm. The male bearded dragons have the length around 14 to 24 inches or 40 to 60 cm.

Facts about Bearded Dragons 8: the origin

Bearded dragons are native to central Australia.  You can find them living in savannas, scrublands, woodlands, and deserts. They often bask on rock, but spend most of the day on the trees or bushes.

Facts about Bearded Dragons

Facts about Bearded Dragons

Facts about Bearded Dragons 9: the beards

Both male and female have beards. The female will display the beard to show the aggressiveness. On the other hand, male shows it mostly on the mating ritual.

Facts about Bearded Dragons 10: diet

Bearded dragons love to eat non citrus fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. If they get opportunities, they hunt smaller reptiles and insects.

Bearded Dragon Pictures

Bearded Dragon Pictures

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