10 Facts about Beards

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Facts about Beards inform you with the growing hair located at the neck, cheek, upper lips or even chin. This collection of hair can be seen in human and non human animals. The males begin to grow beards when they are in puberty phase. Women may develop beards too if they have a condition called hirsutism. This condition leads into the growth of excessive amount of hair due to the hormonal condition. Here are some interesting facts about beards for you:

Facts about Beards 1: the point of view about beards

The male beards are viewed by the society based on the fashion trends as well as the cultural religious tradition.

Facts about Beards 2: the full beard

It is considered as an essential act for the people who embrace some religions such as Sikhism and Islam to grow beards. Even though other religions or cultures do not give the mandate for the people to grow beards, it is still considered as a central part of the virility of men.

Beard Picture

Beard Picture

Facts about Beards 3: the meanings of beards

Beards can be seen as the sexual prowess, strength, wisdom and high social status in various cultures.

Facts about Beards 4: the uncommon beards

Beards can be associated with dangerous character, uncivilized image or even poor hygiene in the cultures which see beard as uncommon facial hair.  Other cultures consider beards out of fashion.

Facts about Beards

Facts about Beards

Facts about Beards 5: the beard trimmer

If you want to make the face and neck clean, you can use a beard trimmer to trim or remove all beards. If the hair located on the upper lip is not shaven, it means that you have a facial hairstyle. You can call it moustache.  You can call it goatee if the hair is left on the chin.

Facts about Beards 6: the full beard

If you are interested with full beard style, you can have the downward flowing beards. You can incorporate it moustache too.



Facts about Beards 7: the wide and full beard

The style of the wide and full beard is called Garibaldi. You can integrate it with moustache. The bottom part of the beard is rounded.

Facts about Beards 8: other styles of beards

There are many ways to style the beards. You can choose the chin curtain, Old Dutch, Sideburn, jaw line beards, neckbeards or even chinstrap beards to make the beards look unique.

Full Beards

Full Beards

Facts about Beards 9: the clean appearance

The people who have to clean the beards include the pilots, firefighter and soldiers. Check baldness facts here.

Facts about Beards 10: Isezaki city

The male municipal employees who worked a certain prefecture in Japan was prohibited to have beards since 19 May 2010.



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