10 Facts about Bears

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Facts about Bears inform you with the doglike carnivorans. Beans are included in the family Ursidae. The animals which have closest relationship with bears are the pinnipeds. The animals can be spotted in various parts of the world such as Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Let’s find out more interesting facts about bears below:

Facts about Bears 1: the diurnal animals

Most bears are included as diurnal animals. However, you can find that some of them are very active during the twilight. They are called as crepuscular.  Others may be active during the night. They are called as nocturnal bears.

Facts about Bears 2: the common characteristics of bears

Let’s find out the common characteristics of bears. They have short tails, long snouts, stocky legs, plant grade paws, shaggy hair, and large body.

Bear Pic

Bear Pic

Facts about Bears 3: the diet

The diet of the bears depends on the species. If you check the food of the giant panda, most of them eat bamboo as the main diet. On the other hand, most polar bears are included as carnivorous animals. Other size species may eat different kinds of foods. They are included as omnivorous animals.

Facts about Bears 4: the way of living

Most bears are solitary animals. They live alone. However, the young will be raised by the mothers until they are old enough to find the food alone.



Facts about Bears 5: the sense of smell

The smelling sense of bears is wonderful. The animals are included as avid swimmer, climbers and runners even though they have great body and weird gait.

Facts about Bears 6: the place of living

The den of bears is located inside the burrows or even caves. During the winter season, the bears will sleep inside the den for almost 100 days. This sleeping time is similar to hibernation.



Facts about Bears 7: the importance of bears

The importance of bears can be seen since the prehistoric era. It has an important part in culture, art and mythology. In the past, people hunted bears for their fur and meat. Check facts about barn owl here.

Facts about Bears 8: the weight

Bears are famous in the world due to the significant weight. The Kodiak bears and other amazing bears can reach the weight at 1,650 lbs or 750 kg.

Facts about Bears

Facts about Bears

Facts about Bears 9: The Kodiak bears

In average, the adult Kodiak bears have the weight around 1,058 to 1,175 lb. The common polar bears only have the weight around 851 to 899 lb. Get facts about barnacles here.

Facts about Bears 10: the smallest bears

Can you tell me the smallest bears in the world? They are the sun bears of Asia. The weight for the female is 45 kg, while the male is 65 kg. Check baking facts here.

Facts about Bear

Facts about Bear

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