10 Facts about Beatles

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One of the famous English rock bands is explained in Facts about Beatles. In 1960, this band was created in Liverpool, England. It remains the main influential rock band in the world. The members of the Beatles include Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. Even though The Beatles chose rock and roll, beat and skuffle as their musical root, this band never stopped experimenting with other music genres.  The band incorporated rock and roll, hard rock, Indian music, pop ballads, classical music and psychedelia. Here are some interesting facts about Beatles for you:

Facts about Beatles 1: Beatlemania

Beatlemania first emerged in 1960s due to the growing popularity of Beatles. Lennon and McCartney were considered as the main songwriters of the band.

Facts about Beatles 2: clubs

Before Beatles is famous in the world, they were only rock band who played in Hamburg and Liverpool clubs in 1960s.

Beatles Band

Beatles Band

Facts about Beatles 3: the professional band

Beatles became a professional band after they met Brian Epstein and George Martin. Martin acted as the producer, while Epstein was the manager of Beatles. The band learned on how to have a professional act on state. The musical potential was increased too by Martin.

Facts about Beatles 4: the first hit

The first hit of Beatles was entitled “Love Me Do”. It was released in 1962 and impressed all listeners in United Kingdom.

Facts about Beatles

Facts about Beatles

Facts about Beatles 5: The Fab Four

Due to the hit, the popularity of this band widely spread in Britain. Therefore, they got the nickname as the Fab Four. The Beatles was the leader of the British invasion on the pop market in US after this band got the international recognition in the beginning of 1964.

Facts about Beatles 6: the famous albums

There are many albums that Beatles released and became hits in the world’s market. Some of them include White Album (1968), Revolver (1966), Rubber Soul (1965), Abbey Road (1969), and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967). Get facts about Bar and Melody here.



Facts about Beatles 7: the breakup

In 1970s, Beatles decided to break up. The surviving members like Starr and McCartney are still active in music.

Facts about Beatles 8: the death of the members

In December 1980s, the public was shocked after Lennon was shot and killed. In November 2001, Harrison passed away because of lung cancer.

Beatles Music

Beatles Music

Facts about Beatles 9: the certified units

Do you know that Beatles earned 178 million certified units in US? Therefore, this band is called as the best selling music artist. Get facts about BB King here.

Facts about Beatles 10: awards

Beatles got 15 Ivor Novello Awards, an academy Awards for Best original Song Score and 10 Grammy Awards.

Beatles Facts

Beatles Facts

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