10 Facts about Beatrix Potter

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Facts about Beatrix Potter tell you about the English natural scientist, illustrator, author and conservationist. She was born on 28 July 1866 and passed away on 22 December 1943.  Potter gained her fame after she created various kinds of imaginative books for children. It often featured animals. One of the books which celebrated the country life and landscape of Britain was the Tale of Peter Rabbit. Here are some interesting facts about Beatrix Potter here:

Facts about Beatrix Potter 1: the family life

The family of Potter was rich. She has a younger brother named Walter Bertram. The family was fascinated with countryside and natural area. There is no need to wonder that Beatrix and his younger brother were interested with small animals. They had them as pets at home.

Facts about Beatrix Potter 2: the love of nature

Beatrix developed her love for nature since she liked to travel with her family in the countryside area in Britain. She went with her family to English Lake district or even Scotland to stay away from London during the summer vacations.

Facts about Beatrix Potter

Facts about Beatrix Potter

Facts about Beatrix Potter 3: education

Her education was from the private governesses. She studied different kinds of subjects such as science, literature, languages and history. He was in favor with watercolor and liked to have a private art lessons.

Facts about Beatrix Potter 4: the illustration

Beatrix was interested to create illustration from the animals and plants that she saw. She liked making drawing of her imagined or real animals. He also created illustration for fungi, archaeological artifacts, fossils and insects.

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter

Facts about Beatrix Potter 5: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Tale of Peter Rabbit was published in 1901 privately. Beatrix decided to publish the book after she enjoyed success by illustrating booklets and cards.

Facts about Beatrix Potter 6: Norman Warne

Norman Warne was her fiancé in 1905, both were unofficially engaged. This man was her editor. Both never married since Warne passed away because of leukemia a month after both engaged. After all, the parents of Beatrix never agreed with this relationship.

Beatrix Potter Pic

Beatrix Potter Pic

Facts about Beatrix Potter 7: William Heelis

William Heelis was the husband of Potter. She married this respected local solicitor from Hawkshead at the age of 47 in 1913. Get facts about Barbara Smucker here.

Facts about Beatrix Potter 8: the published books

There are around 23 books that she had published during her life. Most of them were written in 1902 till 1922.

Beatrix Potter Facts

Beatrix Potter Facts

Facts about Beatrix Potter 9: death

When she was 77 years old, Potter passed away because of pneumonia and heart disease on December 22nd 1943 in her home. Get facts about Barbara Robinson here.

Facts about Beatrix Potter 10: the popularity of her books

The books of Potter are very popular in the world. They have been adapted in animation, ballet, film and song.

Beatrix Potter Books

Beatrix Potter Books

Are you impressed after reading facts about Beatrix Potter?

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